Potty Training Day 2

So far today has been even better and more consistent than yesterday! Hula Girl has used the potty lots and lots. She still loves those ba-boh-bohs! It’s so funny to behold her squishy little bottom, red ring still imprinted on it from the last potty visit, running toward the potty as she cries, “Pee-pee inee boppy!” (Pee-pee in the potty!) Then, as soon as she goes, she declares, “Pee-pee inee boppy, Mommy!” and I rush over to look, and we jump up and down, then she carries the pot to the toilet, dumps it, and flushes it. Next, we wash her hands and finally, finally, she gets her marshmallow. On numerous occasions, she’ll stand there licking her marshmallow, and then she’ll say, “Nudda ba-boh-boh!” (Another marshmallow!) Then she’ll run back to the potty and squeeze out… you guessed it… 2 more drops. She’ll repeat that routine at least 8 times in a row.

I am really pleased to see that she’s stopping her playing to run to the potty. I am rarely conducting “checks” anymore- she is going before I get a chance to check her for dryness. I like the ownership she’s taken over this whole thing. She is proud to go potty, and happy to help clean up when she does. I was even brave enough to leave her for her independent playtime in her room with her potty today instead of putting her in a diaper. We practiced having her call me if she went pee pee or poo poo. So, I hear her over the monitor, “Poo-poo inee boppy, Mommy!” I run upstairs, open the door, and see a trail of poo poo across the room. She felt herself starting to go, then got up to run across the room and knock on the door to let me know she did it. I was so happy that she remembered to call me. We put the pieces in the potty and then I took care of the disposal. She was over IP by that point, though, so I stayed with her in her room for the rest of her “independent” playtime. I hope she does even better tomorrow!

Tomorrow we’re going to visit a play group for the first time. I am considering putting her in undies and bringing the potty and marshmallows and just letting her continue with training while we’re there. But I also know that she’s not super-good in new situations… so we might do a diaper. Actually, I just made up my own mind. Diaper it is. That would be too much for her to handle all at once, I think. I would just skip the play group but since it’s a new thing for us, and we’ve finally FOUND one to join, we really need to attend.

I’ll keep you posted!


  1. Kristy said,

    February 20, 2012 at 2:05 pm

    Your child is a genius!!!!! Maybe my 32-month-old will get to that point in the next month or so…

    Seriously, though, this sounds like awesome progress. Hurray! I hope it has been relatively smooth since then.

    • February 20, 2012 at 2:15 pm

      Lol, genius, huh? We’ll see about that when she applies for MENSA. It has been pretty smooth so far- a few issues here and there due to traveling and having to be back in a diaper for large chunks of many days in a row. BAH. But it seems to be going well.

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