Hula Girl- 20 Months Old

This is copied pretty much straight from an email I send to family and friends detailing Hula Girl’s monthly progress. Enjoy!

Current Schedule:

7:30 up, go potty, drink milk while cuddling and reading
8:00 breakfast
8:30 brush teeth, chore with Mama, go potty
8:45 free play, go potty as often as possible
10:30 go potty, drink milk while cuddling and reading
10:40 independent playtime
11:10 go potty, free play, help Mommy with lunch
11:40 go potty, eat lunch
12:15 go potty, get ready for nap

12:30 nap
3:30 go potty, snack, free play
4:30 go potty, drink milk while cuddling and reading
4:40 independent playtime
5:10 go potty/free play/clean up/help make dinner
5:30 dinner
6:00 go potty, play with Daddy
bedtime between 6:30 and 7:30, depending on nap quality


Although she is still not consistently sleeping the full 3 hours I’d like her to sleep, Hula Girl is taking naps about 2.5 hours long each day. She is then content to lie in her crib and talk to herself, cuddle her blankies, and rest. I let her rest for as long as I need to let her rest. Vague, I know. But we generally keep to the schedule as mentioned above.

We have been able to do a 7:00 ish bedtime most nights. I put her down 4 hours after she wakes from her nap, so sometimes as early as 6:30. I don’t like to do bedtime that early because she’s not overtired, but I also don’t want to let her become overtired. She generally sleeps until 7:15 or so, then remains silent in her crib until I get her up at 7:30.


Still loves it. Still drinks about 16 oz/day. I cut her intake significantly but she’d drink as much as I offered.

Hula Girl’s been an eating machine lately. Last week she must have been going through a growth spurt. She was eating huge quantities. This week she’s slowed down quite a bit, but she will still eat anything I put on her plate. Her current favorites are spinach and mushroom omelets and macaroni and cheese. She calls it “mah-mah-no-nee.” Super cute.

We also moved her to a different type of booster seat this week, so that she can eat at the table with us. We’re still working out some behavioral kinks in this system. She likes to try to stand up (even while strapped in) or put her feet up on the table (sound familiar, Mom?)….


No intentional gagging this month. YAY!

None to speak of!

Again, clear as always!

Blocked Tear Duct:
Hula Girl’s appointment with the pediatric ophthalmologist is next Thursday. I think it will just be a brief visit, and then we’ll schedule the surgery a bit later. I am sick and tired of this stupid duct. Whenever she gets a cold, her eye gets infected and it’s all goopy and runny and stuck together. And it hurts her when we try to wash it out. We’ve used every antibiotic ointment available for eyes and yet she keeps getting infected. Poor girl. Can’t wait to get this over with.


All incisors and molars are in. We’re just waiting on the bottom left canine, and then we’ll expect the 2-year molars. In fact, I think she’s already starting to feel them moving around since she’s constantly sticking her finger, straws, and toys back in her mouth really far and chomping down while drooling. Poor girl. At least once the 2-years are in, she won’t get any more until much much later! 


Still going constantly. However, her love of books and talking has somewhat slowed her down. She’ll at least stop to read with me a few times a day.

Hula Girl never stops talking. All day long, every single day, she can be heard blabbering away in her sweet little toddler voice. It’s actually getting harder to understand her since she’s talking so much faster these days. And she’s stringing together full sentences but I can rarely decipher the whole thing before she’s moved on to telling me something else. I have heard that kiddos come out of this developmental leap being fluent talkers. I am SO excited to see that, but I’m also really sad. I mean, until I can understand her perfectly, there’s still a little bit o’ “baby” left in there somewhere. I don’t want that baby to disappear forever! I just keep trying to catch all her delightful sayings and ramblings on video so I can hear that voice over and over again as she grows up. Such a sweet sound!

We’re joining a couple of play groups and making some new friends at the library story times. Hula Girl is a very meek child when it comes to interacting with other children. If any other child approaches her, for any reason, she will automatically hand over the object in her hand, be in a book, toy, or paper. This has led to her having her first bully, but I am dealing with that situation. Yes, my 20-month-old was bullied last Tuesday. Does it anger you as much as it angers me!? Anyway, Hula Girl just keeps on being sweet and saying, “Hi!” to all the other kids. She really knows how to make her Mommy proud. 🙂

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