Gray Fuzz

It’s been gray outside all day, it’s supposed to rain this afternoon. Then the rain is supposed to turn to snow overnight and we’re supposed to wake up to 6 inches of fluffy white stuff. COLD fluffy white stuff.

I am feeling quite under the weather- like I’m coming down with another cold. Fortunately Hula Girl is not showing any symptoms of illness (she will usually stop eating and that’s our first clue) and so I’m hoping that my immune system is just so depressed that I’ll be the only one who gets it this time. If I get it at all. I could just be overthinking the headache and the possible almost-sore passage between the nose and throat. (What is that called, by the way? I taught it when I taught 4th grade, but that was… oh, five years ago. Crazy how time flies and how pregnancy brain makes you forget everything you ever knew.)

Tonight I plan to surprise Jonathan with a pizza from Papa Murphy’s since it’s going to be so cold and we were expecting to eat salad for dinner. I went on a “no-meat” rage last weekend, so all our meals have been 100% vegetarian this week. Not so good for a guy who wants to gain muscle and get back into the gym. Anyway, my plan for tonight’s pizza is to just get something warm to accompany the salad and let him have a little bit o’ animal in his diet. Sick, even typing that makes me feel gross. His half will be pepperoni and pineapple; mine will be black olive and mushroom. Hula Girl will sample from both halves, and will probably have a serving of spinach-basil noodles on the side.

On a side note about the vegetarian meals, Hula Girl has eaten so many veggies this week it’s boggled my mind. Usually she eats a great helping of carbs (just like her Mommy and Daddy- carb lover!), some fruit, maybe a helping of veggies if I can pray to the right number of Veggie gods prior to the meal, and she’ll always always always eat her protein (beans, meats, anything with protein- she gobbles it up). But this week she’s eaten mostly veggies and carbs, with a little bit of proteins thrown in there for good measure. I have intentionally not offered as much fruit just to see how she takes to the veggie options when fruits aren’t available. I’m liking the trend. Her favorite mealtime activity has been to find the peas that are hiding inside the rigatoni. It’s been quite fun to see her enjoying her veggies so very much. This week’s favorite veggie: “Ma-um.” (Mushrooms.) Now that’s my girl!!!

Also, I’ve been very intentional lately about allowing her to participate in things I’m doing around the house, but not really forcing her to do activities just because I think they might be fun for her. (Big step in the right direction! Congratulations to me!) This morning, for example, she stood up on the stepladder so she could help me make her breakfast, a veggie omelet. She ripped up a ton of spinach and cut some mushrooms in half with a plastic knife. I had to go back and cut the mushrooms smaller, of course, but hey- it was GREAT to see her so excited about helping. I have never asked her for “real” help in meal prep before. Usually I hand her an empty bowl and a whisk and ask her to “mix the pancakes” or whatever.  But this morning, I thought, “Hey, why not see what she can actually do? She’ll love it, and I’ll train her early to like helping in the kitchen!” She did love it, and by the time we poured the eggs in the pan, she was so excited to eat that she just kept repeating, “Omee? Omee? Omee?” I even let her shake her own pepper. What a big girl. It was yet another lesson for me in empowering her to be independent, and even though it’s hard to learn the lesson, it’s so rewarding to see her happy and capable.

Here are a few other words she is so fond of saying that just crack me up:

  • “Oh, Noooooooooo!” She says this in a high-pitched whiny voice whenever she drops something. We have no idea where she learned it. It’s absolutely hilarious. I am so glad to have captured it on film.
  • “Dee-doh Dee-doh!” (Twinkle, Twinkle)
  • “Neen wah nee nee” (Clean fresh blankies) Ever since witnessing her blankie enter the washer covered in soaking wet vomit and exit the dryer fluffy, clean, and fresh, she has referred to both blankies as “clean fresh blankies.”
  • “New eet” (New sheet) This originated around the same time as the blankies- when she was vomiting after every meal, we changed her sheets a lot, and we made a big deal about putting new sheets on her bed. Now every time she goes down for a nap she tells me she has a new sheet. Not always true… but still adorable.
  • “Doh-dee-mime, did, in on, boy, dee, da da, dee-doh dee-doh.” (Storytime, kids, sing songs, boy, girl, color, twinkle twinkle) This is her mantra, and she repeats it at least 20 million times a day. She loves to remember storytime and who she sees and what she does there. Interesting that she has yet to remember that storytime is where we read books. Ha!

I also have to include a very funny habit of Hula Girl’s that I keep forgetting to write down. This girl is crazy about fuzz. She pulls out little shreds from her blankies, both of which are made of yarn, and rolls them in her fingers until she has a fuzz ball. She calls them “wuh.” Her absolute favorite thing to do with her “wuh” is to stick it up her nose. She will gather about 35 fuzz balls together in one giant fuzz conglomeration and try to put the whole thing up her nose. I usually find her after naps and nighttimes just laying there in her crib, stuffing fuzz up her nose.

Now, she doesn’t just love to put it up her nose. She also loves to carry it around in her left hand. She always always always has at least 5 fuzzballs in her left hand. She’s been a fuzz collector since she was about 10 months old. As you can imagine, 9 months of shredding/carrying fuzz around has left a veritable fuzz factory in our house, and you will always be able to find at least 4 or 5 fuzzballs on our carpet. When Hula Girl is playing, she will literally stop everything (even if she’s in mid-run), and stoop down to collect ANY fuzz she sees.

And when it’s mealtime, she used to accidentally eat the fuzz and choke on it. So now we have a mealtime ritual. The fuzz lives on the corner of the dining room table until the meal is over and her hands are clean again. I don’t want yogurt-covered fuzzballs littering my house or stinking up my daughter’s hand. That would be gross. 😛



  1. Rachel said,

    February 2, 2012 at 2:56 pm

    I can totally picture fuzz sitting on a corner of your table. Love it!

    • February 2, 2012 at 3:21 pm

      I just wish she weren’t quite so obsessed with it! She even talks about putting it there. If we strap her in to her chair and haven’t asked her to put the fuzz down, she’ll say, “Wuh be-boo” (fuzz table). Ay, yi, yi. I can’t WAIT to tell her prom date.

  2. Kristy said,

    February 3, 2012 at 8:30 pm

    …laughing right out loud

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