Blowin’ in the Wind

Yes, I love Bob Dylan.

Also, it’s super super windy here today- again. Antarctica holds the record for “windiest place on earth” because they give that award based on highest wind speeds ever recorded. However, I feel like if the award was given based on number of minutes each day the wind is blowing, where I live would win by at least 23 minutes.

And yes, I know all about Antarctica and its windiness (or lack thereof) because I’ve watched a lot of Whale Wars.

When we left storytime today, Hula Girl kept saying, “Wih-wee? Wih-wee! Wih-wee!” (Windy? Windy! Windy!) She was absolutely right. Riley, our cat, is currently hunkered down in a box of maternity clothes that Jonathan pulled out of the garage this morning. He was a spazzed out feline when we got home from the library. An absolute terrified wreck.

I am really looking forward to the summer, when the wind kicks up some monster thunderstorms. We live next to a reservoir where I used to go fishing with my parents as a kid. It is a well-known fact that as soon as you see one cloud, you motor your boat as fast as motor-ly possible to get off that reservoir because the thunderstorm will be coming any second.

In fact, when my mom was pregnant with me, she and my dad were out in the boat on this here reservoir, and the storm came up super fast. My dad had to get out at the marina at one side of the reservoir and hitch a ride around to the other marina to get the truck and trailer ready for the boat. While he did this, my mom had to drive the boat back across the reservoir, and the wind was creating some crazy waves. My poor 7-months-pregnant mom, sitting there trying to steer this slamming death trap while not going into premature labor. Obviously she made it. I was not a preemie.

Anyway, I am STOKED to see the thunderstorms we’ll get this summer. Jonathan’s and my room has a balcony that overlooks the reservoir, and we absolutely adore watching lightning at night.

As a total aside, I have been experiencing a lot of Braxton Hicks contractions recently. So annoying. I think it’s because I need to drink more water.

The Village People who live near Me!

Yep, you guessed it. We joined the YMCA. Before I let you in on all the details of Hula Girl’s and my first visit, let’s discuss the video that’s undoubtedly driving you crazy or making you bust a move right now.

First of all, nice outfits. Second of all, dude has a really nice voice if you really listen to it. Third of all, love the shot of the Empire State Building at the end of the video.

And that’s about all I have to say about that. Except this:

Okay, so our visit.

We left the house at about 9:00. Hula Girl had gone pee-pee just prior to leaving the house, so I thought we were golden. We arrived at the YMCA parking lot at 9:10. She had had an accident and wet through her only pair of pants for the day. Fortunately, I had some pants in the car left over from another trip… a few months ago. She wears a 2T or 24 months right now… but these pants were definitely 12 months. Heh. Lucky for her, she’s still got a skinny tushie, so I stripped off her wet pants and undies and stuck her in the silliest little highwater fleece pants imaginable. Poor kid.

When we arrived inside, she started saying, “Hi!” to everyone we saw. Literally, everyone. I got directions to the family locker room and then to the pool from there. This YMCA is big enough that we actually had to ask directions- it’s quite new and nice, but confusing all the same.

We changed in the family locker room (there are separate changing rooms where you can lock yourself in with your wriggly toddler so she doesn’t run around in the buff while telling everyone hi. Thanks, YMCA designers. I mean that.)

After changing, I took her out to the pool area, only to discover that we weren’t allowed in the big pool room, which houses the big pool, the wave pool, the lazy river, and the baby/toddler pool. The big pool was being used for a lesson, so apparently that means the toddler pool can’t be used. Boo. But not to be deterred, we just went in the therapy pool…with all the elderly citizens (a.k.a. “Village People”) of our fine city.

(Whoa, I totally JUST realized that “citizens” and “city” likely have the same root word. Greek or Latin? And yes, I am really interested in etymology.)

The old folks loved Hula Girl and her friendly disposition. She must have said hi to each of them at least 12 times. They thought she was the cutest thing on the entire planet*. Many of them launched into stories of their own grandchildren, which I listened to and laughed at the appropriate moments. I bet those kids really are that cute. But yes, my kid is cuter. Heh. Then one sweet old lady started talking about how she doesn’t have any of the little ones around anymore. Her youngest granddaughter is 23, and none of her grandchildren are married or close to having kids. She told me it’s great for the elderly to see young kids, because it brings back such hope and laughter. So, that was nice. I thought of my friend Kate, who just blogged today about visiting an elderly woman from her church, and how Kate’s kids love visiting just as much as the woman enjoys their visits!

*One nice thing about Hula Girl getting all the attention is the way I felt more comfortable with my oversized pregnancy body in a swimsuit. Yes, I did take Jonathan and Hula Girl shopping with me so I could get a maternity swimsuit. But still, I felt self-conscious. But the old people only really cared about Hula Girl and her supercute bikini. 🙂

So all in all, the therapy pool wasn’t that bad at all! The warm water definitely felt really nice. And Hula Girl didn’t even need her swim diaper- she waited until we got out of the pool to go “pee pee inee boppy.” Clever girl. And really, what 20-month-old can hold it that long in warm water?! Insane.

I am very excited to go back to the Y really soon. I want Hula Girl to check out the ChildWatch room. It looked like a lot of fun when we walked by! There were lots of kids running around and having a good time. I am also excited to get her in the baby/toddler pool since it has a “shipwreck” in the middle, complete with mini-waterslide and fountains!

I’m Entering a Giveaway

My internet friend and hero, Valerie, is doing a giveaway on her blog today. This is me blogging about it so I can put in my seventh and final entry!

Mom friends- even those of you who don’t use Babywise- you should check out her blog. It has ALL kinds of useful info for kids birth-6 (as old as Valerie’s oldest right now). I’m sure Valerie’s simple, no-nonsense, and LOGICAL way of thinking through kid issues will blow your mind and help give a frame of reference. It sure has helped me hone my mommy skillz. My very favorite thing about Valerie is the way she ponders “issues” from her children’s perspectives, so that she can deal with them effectively and efficiently without sacrificing lots of time, effort, or her children’s sense of confidence.

Okay, so here’s the giveaway I’m entering:

If you choose to enter, too, stay around a while and check out her blog!

16/17 Weeks


Yeah, so I didn’t post last week after the OB/GYN appointment. There wasn’t really anything that interesting to post.

Gelato’s heart rate was right around 150, and online resources will tell you that a heart rate above 140 means it’s a girl. But Hula Girl’s heart rate was always in the 160s, so we’ll see if the advice on the internet is true. 🙂

My blood pressure is still low. Dizziness is normal, and the doc wasn’t even slightly concerned. So, I guess I just get to continue being dizzy. Oh well.

The doctor told me that I need to be doing MORE exercise. Well, okay. Yesterday I locked myself out of the house and then got to walk double the amount I was expecting. Today I shoveled the driveway. So there. Doing my best. We’re also joining the YMCA this week, so I’ll be able to take Hula Girl to ChildWatch while I exercise. Does sitting alone in the warm therapy pool count as exercise?


So I kind of had a minor panic attack last night just realizing that we’re almost halfway through this pregnancy! At this time last pregnancy, we were only one week away from finding out that Hula Girl was, in fact, a girl! We had already started ordering things and choosing the right equipment. We had registered at Babies R Us for the general stuff we knew we’d need regardless of gender, like bottles and stuff like that. I never ended up using the bottles since she was exclusively breastfed, but it’s nice to know we have them just in case.

I guess it’s not really seeming like that big of a deal to me this time around because… well… we have all the necessary baby equipment except for a monitor, crib, and changing table. And we kept all Hula Girl’s clothes and blankets and diapers and bibs and socks…. so we’re really only going to have to purchase things if Gelato happens to be a boy. And since Jonathan’s not too keen on finding out if Gelato’s a boy or not… well… there’s nothing to run out and buy!

I started looking at nursery ideas on Pinterest. I quickly stopped. I loathe doing that. I have a great idea in my head for either gender, anyway, and looking at Pinterest just makes me feel sick at the opulence and worldliness foisted on little people from the moment they’re conceived! Also, I don’t like the modern trends. So it was kind of a waste of my time.

Anyway, for those of you interested in development and stuff, Gelato is about the size of a turnip this week and can move all joints. Gelato’s cartilage is starting to turn to bone, and he/she’s starting to develop sweat glands.

Physically, I’m feeling better than I have all pregnancy except for the issue of this ginormous thing sticking out of my abdomen. There is absolutely no way you’d ever mistake my baby belly for a “burrito baby” now. Fortunately, I am still able to wear my jeans with a rubberbanded button, and stores are now stocking their spring maternity wear. So I should be in pretty good shape in another couple of weeks, if I can get out shopping this next weekend. We’ll see.

Oh, and overall so far I have gained 5 pounds. My goal is 20.

Shoveling Snow with Hula Girl…

…is WAAAAAAY easier than it sounds! Yes, indeedy, it is surely a fun day when we get to go outside in the freshly fallen snow and shovel the driveway.

We get all bundled up- Hula Girl in her gigantic puffy pink snowsuit, complete with ears on the hood and me in my jacket and hat. Then we head outside while Hula Girl chants over and over, “Eat wah no? Eat wah no?” (Eat fresh snow? Eat fresh snow?)

I grab the shovel and head to the driveway, and she runs out to the tree in the yard. Then I shovel the driveway while she proceeds to grab branch after branch and lick the snow off them for up to 15 minutes straight. Then, she’ll move on to doing face-first snow angels in attempts to inhale ALL the “wah no” at once. She generally ends up with snow stuck all over her hat, hood, and cheeks. Then she’ll giggle, get up, and run around the half-shoveled driveway, chanting, “Yah-yay! Yah-yay!” (Chassé! Chassé!) She’s a snow ballerina, duh.

It took me about 30 minutes to completely shovel the driveway, but in that time, my little Hula Girl ate enough snow to keep her hydrated for decades. Okay, maybe not decades. But she ate a lot of snow. And I love it.

I also remembered that I wanted to chronicle this little habit of hers: she calls all blankets “Nee-nee.” But her two special blankets that she sleeps with are always called “Neen wah nee-nee.” Always. Why she must make the distinction between regular ol’ blankets and “clean fresh blankets” is beyond me. Especially since they haven’t been laundered in a while, and they’re not exactly clean or fresh right now. (Don’t worry, she ONLY has them for sleeping. They don’t get dragged around in the mud or on the floor of Walmart or anything gross like that.) And the fact that she can’t say “fresh” is hilarious to me… Wah? Really? I hope she never says “fresh” the normal way.

Pregnancy Brain Much?

Those of you who know me in person know that I’m not always the most organized individual. For instance, I have a well-established track record of losing and then finding my debit card and driver’s license at least 7 times a year. For weeks, if not months, at a time. My propensity for losing things and/or critical information seems to be enhanced during my pregnancies. In fact just this last weekend I found my debit card which I had been looking for since the end of October. Fortunately (?) for me, it is a rare store clerk who will ask to see ID* any longer, and so I just take Jonathan’s card if I know I’ll be purchasing anything.

*Jamba Juice, however, always asks to see id, even if you’re using a debit card. They run it as a credit card, and apparently debit/credit card thieves like to quench their thirst on the way to the ATM to empty your savings account.

Now, I’ve done other dumb stuff during my pregnancies. Jonathan’s least favorite is when I completely forget everything he and I said in a conversation less than 10 minutes after said conversation occurred. Sometimes I’ll even tell him the same story 3 different times in one evening. Or I’ll totally forget that he asked me to do ________ that day, and when he asks about it, I will swear up and down and all around that he never asked me to do so. But I definitely believe him, and not me.

Well, this morning was no different than any other morning in my fuzzy foggy pregnancy land. I locked Hula Girl and myself out of the house. Completely. On purpose.

See, we went to visit my parents at the end of last week and stayed through the weekend. The fun part was that I surprised Jonathan by having my parents keep Hula Girl overnight on Thursday and through the day on Friday so that he and I could have a belated Valentine’s date Thursday evening and get to the OB/GYN’s office for Gelato’s monthly appointment early Friday morning. My mom decided that instead of moving the carseat from our car to her car, it would be easier to just trade cars. (Score! We got to use the heated seats on our Valentine’s date!) So I took my house key off my key ring, shoved it into a pocket in my bag, grabbed the garage door opener, and left. And since I had the garage door opener, I didn’t move the house key out of the bag pocket. No need.

Fast forward to this morning. House key still in bag pocket. I grab Hula Girl, her wagon, my cell phone, and my key ring, and head out the front door, making sure to lock it behind me. Then I went to place Hula Girl in the wagon and noticed that the front-facing seat was still wet from when I hosed it down yesterday, so I thought I’d dash into the garage to grab something to wipe it down with. Take out the keys…. and nothing useful. Car key? Check. Mom and Dad’s house key? Check. Uncle John’s house key**? Check. So I start freaking out and saying, “Oh, no… oh, no… oh, noo….,” and thinking of ways to break into our house.***

**For reference on why that is so ridiculous, my Uncle John lives in Orange County, California. And I haven’t used his house key since I stayed with him while I was in my senior year of college… five years ago.
***Certain former neighbors of mine will remember the day they had to help me break into our house last summer/fall. YES, I have always been this way. But YES again, I am blaming it on my pregnancy brain now. You can laugh all you want, but remember that if anyone gets blamed for any damage to that window screen, I couldn’t have done it alone.
Alas, I came up totally empty-handed (or empty-brained) when it came to solving this issue without husband-intervention. So, I called him up at work, which I have never done before since his boss scares me, and asked him to please come rescue us at his earliest convenience. But if his earliest convenience isn’t right now, then I’d like him to come right now.
See, here’s the kicker: Hula Girl was out there in her undies and fleece pants, with no diapers or extra undies or any way of getting comfortable in the event of an accident. I can just imagine the conversation at the Mommy meet-up: “Oh, yes, potty training was going so well until I took her outside and her pants froze to her bottom. She was kind of reluctant after that…”
Fortunately weweredressed for the (windy, cold) weather. And I had intended to take Hula Girl on a wagon ride around the block to get some exercise. Apparently the OB/GYN doesn’t think chasing after a 20-month-old is enough exercise… remind me to deal with that one in another post. So we got TWO laps around the block, which is more exercise than I thought it’d be. And then Jonathan saved our lives.
Unfortunately I don’t see this problem going away any time soon… until August at least. (And those who know me really well will likely agree with me when I say that this problem might be a lifelong issue that will never be resolved..) In the meantime, do any of you have tips/tricks to help keep your brain intact during these troublesome months? Much appreciated.
After a preview, it has come to my attention that my post has really weird spacing issues happening today, occurring around things in italics. So yes, I did mean to put spaces there… they’re typed in and everything. It’s just displaying weird.
And I still haven’t put the key back on the ring! I just realized it! Someone please facebook me at around 9:30 tonight and remind me to replace the key on the ring!

I can’t cook.

For real. My parents made me cook a few times here and there growing up (I think it was once a week while I was in high school). I “cooked” tacos or spaghetti every.single.time.

For the majority of our married life, Jonathan and I have lived on tacos, spaghetti, casseroles, and whatever Jonathan cooks.

But since Hula Girl’s initiation to table foods at the ripe old age of 6 months (that’s 2 Decembers ago), I have tried to up it in the cooking department. Especially since I’m a stay-at-home-mom and I really have no reason not to have a nice warm delicious dinner on the table when Jonathan comes home from work. Except one- I can’t cook.

Don’t get me wrong. I can follow a recipe okay. But even when I do that, things generally don’t go well. We usually have to “doctor” our food quite a bit before we can get a reasonably edible dish. For example, I once cooked an “Asian BBQ Shredded Beef” dish in the crock pot, and we actually had to wash the meat before we could eat it. That, my friends, is how bad it tasted after I followed the recipe and everything.

I’d like to take a moment, after sharing that horribly embarrassing anecdote to bolster my kitchen rep just slightly. I challenge ANY of you to come over to my house and beat me in a banana bread or zucchini bread or just plain ol’ whole wheat bread competition. It can’t be done. I am a bread-baking champion who can’t be beat. I don’t know what it is, but every time I bake bread, it turns out really, really well. Reputation restored… or bumped up a notch, at least.

Anyhow, cooking is not my thing. I really do try. But something always goes wrong. Today’s example: I quick-soaked some pinto beans. That went well. Then I rinsed them and put them back in the pot, with plenty of water, to cook for tonight’s burritos*. But apparently you can’t cook them for as long as I wanted on medium heat. They boil over. And then they start to burn. I know this now. Fortunately I got to them and added more water and turned down the heat before the smoke detector went off in the middle of Hula Girl’s nap.

*Burritos are the fancier version of tacos in our house. I even warm the tortillas before filling them! And sometimes I melt the cheese to the tortillas before adding the beans, meat, rice, lettuce, tomatoes, and salsa! Now that’s expert cooking right there!

Jonathan has mentioned once or twice that once Hula Girl and Gelato get old enough to leave them for the evening (like, when they’re 42 and 40, respectively), he’d like to take cooking classes together. I’m still trying to decide whether he really has an interest or if he just doesn’t want to be eating spaghetti…again… on our 30th wedding anniversary.

It’s been said that practice makes perfect. But in this circumstance, practice only seems to make caked-on messes that taste nasty. Any ideas on how to improve my performance in the kitchen? I do feel like a terrible wife and mother. At least what I lack in cooking skills I make up for in fun! Jonathan has never once said he’s bored after hanging out with me for a while.

Maybe someday we’ll have enough money to hire a cook. Applications accepted starting now.


And… we’ve got Poo-poo!

Okay, sorry, but I am really excited about this one.

Hula Girl’s potty training has been going pretty well. Over the past week or so, I’ve had to put her back in a diaper for long car trips, doctor visits, and other things. I have not enjoyed putting her in diapers, and neither has she. She even told me when she had gone pee-pee or poo-poo in her diaper, just because she didn’t like it at.all. But now that we’re home for a while and back to our normal routine, we’ll be full-on undies folks (except for naps and nighttime sleep).

The marshmallows don’t really seem to give Hula Girl that special buzz any longer, so when we were at my parents’ house, my mom started giving her animal crackers. Those were a hit! But then Hula Girl stopped using the potty altogether and threw a major tantrum when I asked her to “try” before we left for church on Sunday. Seriously, 20 minutes of screaming.

I am 100% dedicated to keeping our potty training as happy and easy as possible. I refuse to get into a power struggle with her over it. So, on Sunday, when I asked her to sit on the potty and “try,” I did put her on the potty for about 3 seconds, and then held her in my arms while she screamed and cried and begged for me to put her down. I did not respond, I didn’t let anything show on my face, and I didn’t let Jonathan enter the room. But guess what? She still sat on the potty (which I praised her for), and I won. Immediately after she calmed down a bit (but while still crying), I put her down and got her dressed for church. She even helped a lot by lifting her feet to put her legs through her pants and pushing her arms through the sleeves of her shirt. She was sad but cooperative. I’ll take it.

So far today she has not wanted to sit on the potty to pee-pee. She held it for about 2.5 hours this morning before having an accident. But she did have an accident. She got a natural consequence since she soaked her high chair and we had to switch to her booster. She LOVES her high chair still, but agreed that it would be nicer to sit on a dry chair. I reminded her to go in the potty when she needs to go, and she said, “Yeah!” So I am hoping that next time she needs to go (and is not in a diaper for nap), she’ll remember to use the potty.

But even with all that regression, we had a major breakthrough today! She actually ran to the potty, sat down, and pooped! She was so proud of herself! And I was overjoyed as well! We called her Grammy and Jonathan, who both congratulated her while she bounced up and down and ate a large Christmas tree Peep I had left over from Christmas. (Hey, it was all I had in the house except marshmallows, and she doesn’t even like those anymore, and I had to give her something EXTRA big for going poo-poo in the potty! This is a significant accomplishment!) She went poo-poo in the potty twice this morning before we left for grocery shopping, and I am thrilled!

So, all in all, we’re in remedial pee-pee training but advancing in the poop department. Here’s the plan for the next few days:

  1. I will be visiting Target this evening after Hula Girl goes to bed to pick up some of the thick cotton training panties that will absorb a little more urine in the case of an accident. (Her undies do nothing to stop the flow, and she floods the floor when she goes.) She’ll wear these thicker undies when we leave the house.
  2. We will continue in just undies at home for the next week or so. I am hoping to teach her how to pull down her undies unassisted in this time. She can get them down to the middle of her thighs, but hasn’t quite figured out how to bend over to pull them the rest of the way down. I think once this step is accomplished, nothing will stop her!
  3. We will continue rewarding for pee-pee or poo-poo in the potty. We’ve switched to chocolate Bunny Grahams (she picked these at the store this morning) since the marshmallows weren’t cutting it anymore. I actually like using these better than using marshmallows anyway. Less sticky handprints! If Bunny Grahams lose their appeal, I have planned to try mini M&Ms, and if those don’t work, we’re going to a sticker chart with a dollar store toy as a reward. (It’s good to have your bases covered, right?)
  4. I will also be reinstituting clean and dry “checks” (with rewards) since I feel like some of her refusal to use the potty is a power thing. If I am rewarding her just before asking her to “try,” there will be less of a struggle. Plus if I keep her reward fresh in her memory, she’ll have more motivation to earn her rewards. I plan to do these checks at the normal times we’ll be using the potty. For example, before and after meals, before leaving the house, upon returning, and between different activities. I won’t be doing them every 20 minutes any longer, since she doesn’t need to go that often.

And… that’s the plan. I am working hard to focus on the positives (poop!) rather than on the regressions. If I keep a good attitude and don’t give in to the temptation to just go back to diapers, I think we’ll be fully day-trained in another week or so.

Dragging my Feet…

Yesterday I took a sudafed 12-hour non-drowsy decongestant at 1:00 pm to help alleviate the symptoms of my sinus headache.

I finally fell asleep this morning at 4:30, only to awaken at 5.

Hula Girl woke up at 6:45 instead of her normal 7:15 and therefore started her nap at noon instead of 12:30.

We had our first (and last) play group (with that group) today. What a mess that was.

I can’t even see straight.

I’m eating lunch and going to bed. Happy Friday, everyone.

Hula Girl- 20 Months Old

This is copied pretty much straight from an email I send to family and friends detailing Hula Girl’s monthly progress. Enjoy!

Current Schedule:

7:30 up, go potty, drink milk while cuddling and reading
8:00 breakfast
8:30 brush teeth, chore with Mama, go potty
8:45 free play, go potty as often as possible
10:30 go potty, drink milk while cuddling and reading
10:40 independent playtime
11:10 go potty, free play, help Mommy with lunch
11:40 go potty, eat lunch
12:15 go potty, get ready for nap

12:30 nap
3:30 go potty, snack, free play
4:30 go potty, drink milk while cuddling and reading
4:40 independent playtime
5:10 go potty/free play/clean up/help make dinner
5:30 dinner
6:00 go potty, play with Daddy
bedtime between 6:30 and 7:30, depending on nap quality


Although she is still not consistently sleeping the full 3 hours I’d like her to sleep, Hula Girl is taking naps about 2.5 hours long each day. She is then content to lie in her crib and talk to herself, cuddle her blankies, and rest. I let her rest for as long as I need to let her rest. Vague, I know. But we generally keep to the schedule as mentioned above.

We have been able to do a 7:00 ish bedtime most nights. I put her down 4 hours after she wakes from her nap, so sometimes as early as 6:30. I don’t like to do bedtime that early because she’s not overtired, but I also don’t want to let her become overtired. She generally sleeps until 7:15 or so, then remains silent in her crib until I get her up at 7:30.


Still loves it. Still drinks about 16 oz/day. I cut her intake significantly but she’d drink as much as I offered.

Hula Girl’s been an eating machine lately. Last week she must have been going through a growth spurt. She was eating huge quantities. This week she’s slowed down quite a bit, but she will still eat anything I put on her plate. Her current favorites are spinach and mushroom omelets and macaroni and cheese. She calls it “mah-mah-no-nee.” Super cute.

We also moved her to a different type of booster seat this week, so that she can eat at the table with us. We’re still working out some behavioral kinks in this system. She likes to try to stand up (even while strapped in) or put her feet up on the table (sound familiar, Mom?)….


No intentional gagging this month. YAY!

None to speak of!

Again, clear as always!

Blocked Tear Duct:
Hula Girl’s appointment with the pediatric ophthalmologist is next Thursday. I think it will just be a brief visit, and then we’ll schedule the surgery a bit later. I am sick and tired of this stupid duct. Whenever she gets a cold, her eye gets infected and it’s all goopy and runny and stuck together. And it hurts her when we try to wash it out. We’ve used every antibiotic ointment available for eyes and yet she keeps getting infected. Poor girl. Can’t wait to get this over with.


All incisors and molars are in. We’re just waiting on the bottom left canine, and then we’ll expect the 2-year molars. In fact, I think she’s already starting to feel them moving around since she’s constantly sticking her finger, straws, and toys back in her mouth really far and chomping down while drooling. Poor girl. At least once the 2-years are in, she won’t get any more until much much later! 


Still going constantly. However, her love of books and talking has somewhat slowed her down. She’ll at least stop to read with me a few times a day.

Hula Girl never stops talking. All day long, every single day, she can be heard blabbering away in her sweet little toddler voice. It’s actually getting harder to understand her since she’s talking so much faster these days. And she’s stringing together full sentences but I can rarely decipher the whole thing before she’s moved on to telling me something else. I have heard that kiddos come out of this developmental leap being fluent talkers. I am SO excited to see that, but I’m also really sad. I mean, until I can understand her perfectly, there’s still a little bit o’ “baby” left in there somewhere. I don’t want that baby to disappear forever! I just keep trying to catch all her delightful sayings and ramblings on video so I can hear that voice over and over again as she grows up. Such a sweet sound!

We’re joining a couple of play groups and making some new friends at the library story times. Hula Girl is a very meek child when it comes to interacting with other children. If any other child approaches her, for any reason, she will automatically hand over the object in her hand, be in a book, toy, or paper. This has led to her having her first bully, but I am dealing with that situation. Yes, my 20-month-old was bullied last Tuesday. Does it anger you as much as it angers me!? Anyway, Hula Girl just keeps on being sweet and saying, “Hi!” to all the other kids. She really knows how to make her Mommy proud. 🙂

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