Macaroni Meltdown!

(Did you like the alliteration? Ha.)

There have been very few times in Hula Girl’s life after 6 months when I have wondered if she actually ate enough. This morning was one of those times. If you have low blood sugar and have gone a while without a meal before, you can definitely relate to our experience.

See, she’s been sick for what feels like a decade, but has really only been about 2 weeks. Her most recent symptom has been vomiting after every single meal and sometimes in the middle of sleeping, both naps and night. I’ve been doing a lot of laundry. Anyway, because of all this vomiting, we’ve been keeping her diet pretty limited, basically down to rice, toast, avocado, and crackers. She actually won’t really eat anything else. She also only drinks water. I tried giving her Pedialyte, but after her initial cupful, she was done with it. It tastes too sweet for her, I think. (Side note: how proud am I as a mom when my kid won’t drink juice or Pedialyte because it’s too sweet for her liking?!)

This morning’s breakfast, therefore, was not preceded by her normal 8 oz of milk (obviously, since milk + upset tummy= GUSH of nastiness). I am getting so bored of trying to get her to eat toast, waffles, and oatmeal, especially when she just really won’t eat anything. So I spread some strawberry jelly on a rice cake and handed her that. She actually liked it, and ate about 3/4 of the rice cake before declaring herself “ah dah” (all done). I asked her if she was still hungry, and she said no. So, down she got and off we went to brush teeth and read some books.

After her food had an appropriate amount of time to settle, we left the house to go shopping. We needed cat grass seeds (Riley is destroying our houseplants- grr!), soil to plant them in, new washcloths to wipe Hula Girl’s hands after meals (the old ones get stinky pretty quickly), and some new books for Hula Girl’s library. We went to Walmart and walked around a bit, picking and choosing what items we needed. When we got to the car, I realized that I had forgotten to pick up some macaroni and cheese, which is one meal she just won’t turn down.

Since she seems to be on the mend, I feel like she can handle a few noodles and some cheese- nothing that will make her have (even more) diarrhea. So we decided to head back into the store and get some macaroni. I let her walk this time and it took us about 10 minutes to get from the door to the correct aisle. When we got there, I showed her 3 types of macaroni that she could choose from (all organic, all real cheese), and of course she chose the one made with rice noodles. Fine with me- rice will also keep her from having loose stools. Then, she proudly carried her “mah-mah-no-nee” to the register, handed it to the cashier, and said, “mah-mah-no-nee” several times. I am positive she was quite excited. She asked me to “opee” the macaroni, but I told her we had to keep it closed until we got home.

When we got in the car, she started saying, “Eat, eat.” Uh-oh. Two stores to go, and she is oogling her box of goodness while declaring herself hungry. And I don’t have a snack for her.

She made it through the bookstore and the pet store without too much hassle, but made sure to inform everyone we saw that she has “mah-mah-no-nee inee da” (macaroni in the car). One-track mind.

By the time we got home, we were 15 minutes late for her independent playtime. I took her upstairs to her room, set out her toys and gave her a half of a graham cracker to hold her over (I never give her food away from the table, but today it seemed absolutely necessary). As soon as I left, a high-pitched, wailing voice followed me down the stairs and to the stove, where I hurriedly got some water boiling for the noodles. And for the next ten minutes, all I heard was, “MAH-MAH-NO-NEE! MAH-MAH-NO-NEE! MAH-MAH-NO-NEEEEEEEEE!” Then she got quiet, and I could hear her crunching her cracker. 30 seconds later, “Mo cah-cuh! MO CAH-CUH! MAH-MAH-NO-NEE!”

So I took pity on her and didn’t make her stay in her room for the next 20 minutes, and I brought her downstairs to watch me finish her macaroni. 10 minutes later, we were seated at the table. 10 minutes after that, there was no more macaroni left in the pot and she was telling me “ah dah.” I asked her if she enjoyed her macaroni, and she answered with her deep, happy, “Yee-aaaa-hahah!”

Lesson learned: NEVER shop for macaroni, kid in tow. Also, bring a snack. Doy.


  1. Kristy said,

    January 26, 2012 at 2:22 pm

    Wow, she is an absolute angel!!!!!! If my child wanted a food item that badly, he would have done a lot more than talk about it at the stores! I am so happy for her that she got her mah-mah-no-nee and I think you made the right call on IP. 🙂 What a lovely girl she is (but no pushover, right?).

    • January 26, 2012 at 2:34 pm

      Ha, Kristy, I wouldn’t say an absolute angel. But she’s pretty well-behaved. You’re right- no one will stop this girl from getting what she wants in life. Eek.

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