Where We’ve Been

Helloooooooo out there!

My days have been very full lately, and I haven’t had even a spare moment to browse around on Pinterest, let alone read any of the blogs I follow or check in with my Babywise group. Today I have been fortunate to find some downtime. Whew!

Just after my most recent post, Jonathan got a new job in a different city. This job has more to offer Jonathan as he pursues his career: higher salary, better benefits, and more advancement opportunities. Needless to say, we are thanking the Lord for blessing us with this adventure. It came at just the right time, and it’s really nice (for me) to see Jonathan getting affirmation in his career decisions. I think he does a fantastic job, and I am glad to see that others recognize that potential as well!

Once we were 100% positive that Jonathan had the job, I turned to craigslist and newspaper classified ads to find a new home for us in a new (bigger) city. It took me four days to find “the one,” and I had to fight for it. It was listed with a “no pets” policy, but I have found that if I talk to landlords, the majority of them are willing to accept pets with a few extra stipulations or a higher deposit or something to that effect. After several attempts to speak with the landlord of this property, I finally learned that he was at the home and that I could go talk to him there. I jumped in the car, drove the 40 minutes, and spent an hour speaking with him and convincing him that we were the family for him! He still isn’t certain that he’s happy about us having our little kitty-cat, Riley,  but we offered a pet deposit and we’ll steam clean the carpets before we go. If we ever go.

Seriously, I love this house. I am sure that in a few months’ time, I’ll be able to provide a list of things that I’m not fond of. But for now, this house is the best one we’ve ever lived in (as a married couple- the ones we grew up in were pretty great, too!).

We’ll be moving in three weeks with the help of my parents (whose main assistance will come in the form of babysitting) and our best friends. Even though moving is no fun, we’re looking forward to seeing them. They’re great.

The day after I was able to secure our new home, Jonathan’s little sister, affectionately known as “Nay-Nay” in our house, came to visit. I had been keeping her visit a surprise for Jonathan. We’d been planning it since May! That is a long time for me to keep something a secret from him! I am pretty terrible at keeping things a surprise for Jonathan. I almost slipped up and spoiled it several times in the weeks leading up to her visit. Fortunately, he believed we were going camping with my parents, and had taken time off work.

During Nay-Nay’s visit, we did a lot of fun summery things. We went camping for 2 nights, visited a dinosaur museum, watched the entire Free Willy series, ate a lot of *really* unhealthy food, and had a good time. Jonathan and Nay-Nay even went down to see a hokey home-made castle an hour away from our house. They said it was super scary going 160 feet into the air on some steel beams a guy screwed together all by himself, without the limits of building codes and permits! I can’t imagine why…

Nay-Nay went back home to California today and we’ll miss her!

I feel like this was a very concise overview of everything that has happened with us recently. Add in some cooking, cleaning, baby-minding, game-playing, and maybe catching a few zzzs, and you’ve got the whole picture.

I plan to update on Hula Girl soon. She said her first sentence today: “Hi, Riley!” It came out more like, “Ha, Waaah-woohh!” It was followed by a very gentle head-pat and then a slobbery kiss on the nose. I was beyond thrilled. Needless to say, Riley was not. 🙂

Ugly Dresser and Fire Ants

Yes, it arrived. The ugly dresser. My ugly dresser. It’s not actually all that ugly, if you can see past its current state and give it a chance.  Ready for the close-up?

Here she is, in all her glory! She definitely has the potential to be cute.

Yes, this is what the top of the dresser looked like when I bought it.

All dinged up and ready for work!

As you can see, I have my work cut out for me! I actually started this weekend. Let me tell you, this thing was a lot of fun to sand! I used my orbital sander for the large panels, drawer fronts, and top. Then I had to get out the ol’ sandpaper and use some elbow grease on the trim pieces and the decorative parts.

The next step was to prime the whole thing. I used Kilz Clean Start and used two coats, sanding in between layers and afterward. I decided to use a small foam roller on the drawer fronts since they’re so smooth to begin with. After doing so, I realized… I don’t really like the foam roller. So I will be sticking to my good old brush for now.

I will be painting the first coat this evening or next evening, depending on which evening is cooler- paint has been drying way too fast to attempt something this large and finicky! Tomorrow I’ll post primer pictures and then you’ll have to wait until I’m officially finished to see the final result. Actually, I’m really indecisive and have too many ideas waiting for inspiration to hit.

In other news, I was bit by a fire ant on Saturday. On the bottom of my foot. It hurt so bad.  And then I made a terrible, awful, no-good, very bad decision. I put my foot on ice. I wrapped the ice pack with a paper towel. Apparently it wasn’t thick enough, and keeping my foot on a thinly-wrapped ice pack for an hour at a time actually froze my foot. Like, we’re talking frostbite. It hurt like I have never hurt before, and I’ve had kidney infections and given birth, people! It seriously felt like what I imagine it would feel like to be shot in the foot.

You know when you run your too-cold hands under warm water and they tingle and feel all burned? Well, that’s how my foot felt for the remainder of  Saturday. All for the sake of a silly little ant.

Today, my foot is swollen and blistered on the bottom. That’s from the ant venom. The tingling and burning from the frostbite is gone, thank goodness. What an ordeal!

Pray for Missing Children

Hello friends and readers,

Today I’m asking for your prayers for my pastor, his children, and his family. Eric was granted primary custody of his children, Luke (11) and Cambria (10). The children were visiting their mother, Wendi,  for summer vacation, and they were to be dropped off with Eric outside a police department in Holland Michigan, on Tuesday. However, Wendi did not bring the children, and has since fled the state.

Wendi’s vehicle was last seen Tuesday morning outside her home; it was later ditched in Missouri, where some members of her family reside. FBI and police were led to Nixa, Missouri, and have not turned up any information there. However, they now have a lead that Wendi may have taken a dark SUV and driven the kids to southern California, where she has more family members.

It is absolutely imperative that those children are returned to their father as soon as possible. Here is some more information regarding the case:



My prayers are mainly for the children’s mental and emotional health after this ordeal. Whether Wendi successfully flees the country or she is arrested and the children are returned to their father, their lives will never be the same. A level of innocence has been stripped away from them that can never be repaired. There is so much anguish in my heart for the two of them. Please pray with me that the Lord will heal and restore and that these children will not wander off the path.

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