Funny Things 7/17-7/23

Well, this week’s funny things tended to be more “things that amazed me!”

Sunday- Hula Girl was playing around just after dinner and she had eaten some green beans. During dinner, Jonathan was telling her, “Green beans! You’re eating green beans!” Out of nowhere, Jonathan and I heard this little sweet voice say (incredibly clearly), “Green bean?” It was perfect. We just stared at each other in amazement and then burst out in praise for our little girl’s perfect enunciation!

Monday- We’ve been reading and listening to the story Abiyoyo a lot lately. Hula Girl loves it, because she loves music, and since the story includes a song for a giant, she gets quite excited to hear it. She started picking up the book and bringing it to me, saying, “Yo, wo, wo, wo, wo, wo, wo!” She’s been doing it all week!

Tuesday- Helping out around the house is something I’d like Hula Girl to see as “normal” in her life. She helps me with laundry frequently, by “sorting” her clothes and helping to fold. Well, Tuesday I decided to have her help me carry the clothes to the living room. I handed her a small pile of her own, and she proudly carried it all the way to the living room and piled it onto the couch with the larger pile I carried. Then I asked her to pull out all her wipes (we use cloth wipes to accompany our cloth diapers). She did that, and then I showed her how to pile them on top of each other. Her stack was not neat, but it was a stack of wipes, just like I asked!

Wednesday- Hula Girl played her first game of Hide and Seek. She discovered that she could fit inside the little space next to the coat rack where  we store her stroller. She loved peeking out from behind the wall at me, and giggling while I pretended I couldn’t see her. Endless entertainment! And such big smiles!

Thursday- We were driving to Walmart to pick up some waters for our yard sale this weekend, and we were listening to praise music in the car. I was singing along, and I asked Hula Girl if she could sing along, too. Here’s what I heard: “How great is our AAAAAAAAAAAAA! great is our AAAAAAAAAAAAA!” She totally sang along for like 5 minutes.

Friday- Jonathan was looking at a zoo book with Hula Girl, and when they got to the picture of the koala, she pointed to it, got really excited, and said, “Dada!?” and then pointed to Jonathan. As he was relating the story to me at dinner, I laughed because she can say “koala” perfectly and I thought it was funny that she didn’t say it with him. So I asked her to say koala- and she said, “Dada!?” 🙂

Saturday- Hula Girl learned how to “drive” her cars on the carpet. Completely fun, especially when she makes the “Bmm, bmm!” noises to accompany the cars’ travels. She’ll stretch her body out fully just to push the car as far as it can go and then scoot herself along the ground like an army soldier all the way across the room! Cutie!



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