What the Heck is Blood Meal?

Well, it’s gross. That’s what it is. Blood meal is a fertilizer derived from either cow or pig’s blood (usually taken from slaughterhouses). It’s full of nitrogen, which is a nutrient that is typically lacking in gardens after a while…

And it’s what I have to spread in our garden today. Sick, gross, dees-gusting.

Have you ever driven through a town that has a lot of slaughterhouses? It reeks. There is a city in Colorado, Greeley, which is full of slaughterhouses. My soccer league used to travel to Greeley for games on some weekends. The smell was overpoweringly nasty. Many of my friends went to college there, at UNC, and they all admit that it doesn’t feel like home unless there’s the rancid smell of burning cow blood in the air.

I think I’ll be avoiding the patio for a few days.

Our garden isn’t doing soo bad, but it’s not growing anymore. We have a lot of green bean, squash, kale, tomatoes, corn, carrot, and chive plants, but they seem to have reached their “peak.” Unfortunately, that peak is not tall/big/healthy enough to have sprouted much food. There is one squash blossom, three tomatoes, and maybe four green bean blossoms. Whoopee.

Enter blood meal. If this doesn’t work, I’m going to go back to get some more organic fertilizer. And maybe something else. I never actually tested our soil’s pH levels; I might have to get lime or acidifier. And yes, I made up the word “acidifier.”

Wish me luck and a shower. I’m off to spread dead animal blood around my garden. SO gross. I wish organic didn’t mean gross.

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