Jobs, Diet, and Exercise

So, enough of Hula Girl! Let’s talk about Jonathan and me!

Jonathan is doing well. He is working hard, learning a lot, and enjoying (for the most part) his job. However, the job he has isn’t going to give him enough money for us to meet our financial goals within a reasonable amount of time, and it’s not exactly his “dream job.” So, he’s applying and interviewing with other companies.

He had an interview last week, which went really well. However, he was not offered the position. That was sad. But one of the interviewers (it was a panel) has a separate company, and called him to find out if he would come work for her company. Very flattering! The only problem is- she offered him much less than what he’s currently making. That, and, it’s not Jonathan’s dream job (again). He went in to work today with the intention of taking a break to call her and thank her for the opportunity, and to turn down the position as well.

Before he got a chance to call her, she called him and told him that she had spoken with another person higher up in the company, and they’re willing to negotiate his salary. Since he hasn’t spoken with her about details, we’re not sure what that means. I encouraged him to be honest with her and tell her exactly what he needs to make the transfer (to a city with higher living expenses) worth it to our family. I also encouraged him to really emphasize the importance of his family in his life- it’s best she understands that now, regardless of the outcome of their conversation today!

Outside of working and applying, Jonathan has been unable to get to the gym as frequently as he’d like to go. I think he’ll get back into it this week (I hope). He really enjoys it, and it’s nice for him to have an outlet. Plus, his blood tests reveal the need for him to be extra-careful about his diet and exercise routines. A lot of that responsibility falls on me since I’m the grocery-shopper and meal-maker in the house. We’ve been eating a lot of salads and veggies lately, and I hope to encourage our family to eat even more!

Speaking of diet and exercise, now that I’m done nursing, I have to really get back to taking care of my body as if it were just that- MY body. I no longer need extra calories, and it is no longer advisable for me to worry about “overdoing” it when it comes to exercise. There was a time, from November through February, when I couldn’t really eat anything (we thought Hula Girl was allergic to something I was eating), and I lost SO much weight then. But I’ve rebounded a bit, and so I’m just a bit smaller than I was pre-pregnancy. However, I really need to focus on my diet and exercise, because I haven’t at all since February. Here’s my new plan:

I will eat normal portions of fruits, veggies, proteins, and carbohydrates. I will drink only water (nothing new here). I will not eat any sugar (I’ve done this for years at a time before- it’s not as hard as it sounds). And the big big change- I will chew every bite at least 20 times before swallowing. WHAT?! I know. I eat really really fast. SLLLLLOOOOOOOOWWWWW DOOOOOWWWWNNNN. That’s what I intend to do.

Exercising is so hard in general. But now I have a whole new set of obstacles: HEAT, no gym membership, and Hula Girl. I can’t seem to find the motivation to do any kind of cardio when it’s 100 degrees at 8:00 a.m. With Jonathan’s work schedule and gym visits, I find myself at home, unable to leave, for large portions of every day. The only chance I have to really get any running in (which is the only acceptable form of cardio in my book) is if I get up at 6:00 a.m. and run before Jonathan leaves for work. Doable, but not desirable. If I had a gym membership, I could go when Jonathan comes home from work at 6:00 or so- but since I don’t have one, I refuse to go running in the heat. So those are my excuses.

Now onto the plan plan- my mom-in-law and sis-in-law and I just bought pedometers, and this week is our “averages” week. We are wearing our pedometers to find our average number of steps per day, so that we can start walking more and more steps. We’re going to set small goals for ourselves and enjoy encouraging each other to meet those goals. Wish us luck!

I have more to say, but a definite need to go drink some water. More this week!

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