This Week’s Funny Things

Hula Girl has go to be the funniest kiddo on the planet. Maybe it’s because I’m her mom, but she just plain cracks me up, all the time. I started writing down things she did each day to keep track of the funny little things she does. Here’s the past week’s rundown of funny things:

Sunday- Hula Girl discovered her new favorite game- being buried in stuffed animals while laying on the couch. She will lay there, wait to be buried, and then break free, only to sign more while saying (loudly while laughing), “Mo! Mo!” She recently learned how to climb up onto the couch (with some assistance), and now she goes to the couch, signs help, asks me, “Dow?” and then signs please. Sometimes I tell her, “No, not right now. You need to _____ .” She is okay with this. She just goes off and plays with something else. What a sweet girl.

Monday- Walking backward became quite a fad for a few days. Especially when Mommy or Daddy made the “beep! beep!” sound like a trash truck makes when it’s backing up. She gets so excited to hear the sound while walking backward that she ends up going in circles and finally walks forward without realizing it. So funny!

Tuesday- Talking. Hula Girl is a TALKER now. She does not stop talking. Most of it is “toddler babble.” But there are definitely a few words she says now which are completely recognizable. Here are a few of the words she says (incorrectly) which we can identify: couch (“Dow!”), blankie (“Nie-nie”), Buddha (“Ba-bow”) (Buddha is the name of my stuffed monkey from childhood- Hula Girl has adopted him as her favorite for the time being), yeah, dog, the letter A (“Aaaeeeee!”). She also communicates SO much through formal sign language and informal gestures. She LOVES to nod “Yes!” right now. This is a much more positive response than last week’s “NO!” fad!

Wednesday- Hula Girl was eating lunch, and she had a fork in her right hand and a spoon in her left hand. I asked her to point to her spoon, so she held on to her fork and stuck out a finger on her right hand and pointed to the spoon in the left hand. When I asked her to point to the fork, she couldn’t figure out how to do it with her left hand (she wanted to keep the spoon in her hand!), so she put the fork in her mouth and pointed to it with her right hand. Problem solving!

Thursday- My little scientist decided to make some gross yummy food combinations. Breakfast consisted of eggs placed in her smoothie, then slurped from her smoothie cup. And lunch was even tastier- kidney beans mixed into her peach yogurt. She ate, enjoyed, and even used a spoon! Blech.

Friday- SPINNING! Hula Girl is a born ballerina. I taught her how to spin in a circle a few weeks ago, but she “forgot” for a few weeks. I guess she remembered. She was constantly spinning all day, and getting dizzy and falling over. She had great fun. She wore a gigantic grin all over her face the whole time. Her favorite spinning maneuvers were accomplished when she was holding a stuffed animal or toy in each hand. Quite the feat!

Saturday- This one isn’t as funny as amazing. She told Jonathan that her mouth hurt. Seriously. She’s getting teeth. He was changing her diaper, and she whined a bit, then said, “Owwwww!” He asked what was wrong, and she pointed to her mouth and said, “Mou?” He asked her if her mouth hurt, and she stuck out her lip, nodded her head, and whined again. He brought her to the kitchen, got out a cold teething ring, and handed it to her. She brought it over to me, said, “Mou,” and then pointed to her mouth. Then she put it in her mouth and walked away, happy as a clam. Whoa.

I will continue to keep a log of the things she does. I like the idea of posting “Funny/Amazing” Things on Sundays. We are just so blessed to have this little Hula Girl in our lives; these are only a few examples of why we’re blown away on a daily basis. I hope to convey some of the excitement and wonder to you!

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