And the Milk Transition Continues…

Hello, All, and Welcome to another episode of… Hula Girl’s Growing Up TOO SOON!

I just kept Jonathan from napping for over 45 minutes, asking for his help in designing our next milk transition plan for Hula Girl. See, here’s the issue: she currently has milk out of a sippy cup four times/day, before breakfast, lunch, snack, and bedtime; and we give her the sippy cup while holding her on our laps in the glider in her room. I want to move her to having milk with breakfast, lunch, and dinner, with a sippy of water during snack and right before bed. Don’t get me wrong- she has sippies of milk all day long (she drinks about 20-30 oz of water each day, in addition to all the milk she takes in-crazy summer heat!).

So, here’s our transition schedule (I imagine it will veer slightly from this, because NOTHING in Hula Girl’s live has ever turned out the way I had planned, starting with my labor and delivery!) We have a 4-week plan in mind, starting tonight.

  1. Replace bedtime sippy of milk with water.
  2. Move breakfast sippy to high chair.
  3. Move lunch sippy to high chair (this will require a change in her independent play time- it will move after breakfast instead of after lunch in anticipation of the 2-1 nap transition MUCH later on).
  4. Replace snack sippy with water and healthy snack; give sippy at dinner in high chair.

This week’s goal of replacing her bedtime milk with water comes with a few adjustments throughout her day. She usually receives 6 oz of milk in each sippy, so when we drop down to only 3 sippies of milk each day, we’ll want to spread those extra 6 oz evenly to her other sippies. However, I am not confident that her tummy can handle that amount of milk yet, so we’re going to ease into it:

  1. Tonight we will give her sippy of milk at 7:00 instead of 7:45 (right before bed). We are planning to use this quiet, sit-down time as family devotional time, which we’re excited to continue doing every night as long as we can! Then, we’ll offer 4 oz of water at bedtime to drink during bedtime stories.
  2. On Monday we will increase the amount of milk in her snack sippy to 8 oz, while decreasing her 7:00 sippy to 4 oz.
  3. On Wednesday, we’ll increase her lunch sippy to 8 oz, and decrease her 7:00 sippy to 2 oz.
  4. On Friday, we’ll increase her breakfast sippy to 8 oz, and offer 4 oz of water at 7:00 during devotional time.

Yes, I have thought this through. Just a little! 😉




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