13 Months!

Here’s an update on Hula Girl at 13 months.


  • This kid’s amazing.
  • This kid’s amazing.
  • This kid’s amazing.
  • We are so blessed.


  • Hula Girl is extremely active still. This major liking for constant movement has led to some fast development in the gross motor skills department. She has very good balance. She can walk backward. She can climb on anything shorter than 15″ off the ground. She can slide (on her tummy) off anything shorter than 24″ off the ground. She is still working on jumping, but she’s getting better. Her feet will leave the ground soon! All her activity causes her to be a major sweaty-head most of the day. I couldn’t be happier about having to wash her hair every evening.
  • Hula Girl’s comprehension skills are amazing. It seems like she instantaneously absorbs the name for almost every object. She’ll point to it once, I’ll name it for her, and then when I ask her to go get the _____, she knows exactly what I’m talking about. She even knows how to find things in a room using landmarks which are larger. For instance, my mother-in-law got to witness (via Skype) Hula Girl’s ability last night when I asked her to get her “lettuce” and put it in her shopping bag. I told her that her lettuce was next to her sheep. She looked all around the room for the sheep, found it, and then found the lettuce, brought it to her shopping bag, and put it in. Yes, she follows multiple-step directions. At 13 months of age. She also knows when she’s getting in trouble. She runs away. Right now we’re working on this by following, taking her firmly by the hand, and leading her back to the place we were before the infraction occurred.
  • Hula Girl’s verbal language skills are improving. She looooooves to tell herself “No!” and to remind us that she knows what objects in our house are “no” objects. She’ll point to the dishwasher (she likes to turn the dial) and say, “No, no, no, no, no, no, no, no, no….” until we look and acknowledge that the dishwasher is, in fact, “a ‘no.'” I guess she likes validation. She also likes to try saying words. She’s added a few frequent and clear words to her vocabulary, such as bubble, llama, up, help, couch (“dow!”), owl, blanket (“nah-nah”), and Papa. She is also consistently signing please, thank you, and help, in addition to her earlier signs.
  • Hula Girl is growing like a weed. She is officially tall enough to be seen over the dining room table. Her hair is also getting longer- it’s about an inch and a half long! šŸ™‚
  • Hula Girl’s sleep routine is just that- very predictable routine. She sleeps 8-8 every night (sometimes she goes to bed as early as 7:30 if she’s extra sleepy; sometimes she wakes up around 7:45 but she’s happy to lay/play quietly in her crib until 8). She takes her first nap from 10:15-12:00. Her second nap goes from 2:30-4/5. Yep, all this week I’ve been having to wake her at 8, 12, and 5. She sleeps THAT MUCH still. I am not complaining in the slightest!!! However, today was a weird day- she finally decided to see what would happen if she dropped her “Blankie” out of her crib at the beginning of nap time. We didn’t realize it at first, and she was crying and crying, so I thought maybe her teeth coming in were hurting her. I went to give her some Tylenol, and lo and behold, Blankie was on the ground. Sigh. She tried it again at her second nap, but I ignored it- if she wants her Blankie, she shouldn’t drop it. I think it will be a very short phase. She seems to learn rather quickly. And her love for her Blankie is well-known by all who’ve seen her at sleep times or diaper changes.
  • We are officially done nursing, and have been for about 2 weeks now. Things went really well, according to my plan, up until 4 days before we were going to drop her final nursing at bedtime. That night, she pushed me away, asked for milk (both signing and saying it), and repeated, “No, no, no, no, no!!!” until I got the message. I grieved for… about…. 10 minutes. And then I realized…. I AM FREEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEE!!! šŸ˜€

I will be writing more anecdotal stuff later this week. Have a good one!


  1. Kristy said,

    July 11, 2011 at 8:35 pm

    Congratulations on your freedom! The grieving is necessary, I think, but yeah…only for a certain number of minutes. šŸ™‚

  2. July 16, 2011 at 12:47 pm

    Thanks, Kristy! Now we’re on to the “milk in rocker to milk in high chair” transition… It NEVER ENDS!!!!!

  3. Kristy said,

    July 17, 2011 at 12:44 pm

    You’re right! There will always be a transition on the horizon, too.

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