Wednesday Green

Well, hello friendly readers!

Today, Hula Girl and I made the drive up to my parents’ house, where we will be stationed until Sunday. Jonathan has a job interview today, tomorrow, and Friday, so we’ll see how things go for him. He’ll be joining us tomorrow night. We’re also looking forward to being joined by my uncle, who’s never left his home state except to go on his honeymoon… we’re very excited to see him.

The title of this post is inspired by the lovely chipper green in my mom’s kitchen- it looks great! She and my dad finished putting up the wainscoting and the trim, and it’s so much brighter in here now. It really looks good. Yay for green!

I’m feeling a bit better- I think I will manage to survive this sickness. As long as I keep getting my rest and don’t overdo it.

Hula Girl, on the other hand, is not doing well. She’s been down for her nap for 45 minutes and is still screaming. I checked on her and she hadn’t thrown her blankie out or anything. I sang her song to her, put her down, and told her to go to sleep. She isn’t obeying. Early bedtime tonight. Sigh.

More tomorrow.

Tuesday… Orange?

So remember how yesterday I was all excited because of the wonderful things happening in my life? Well, I remember that too, but it’s one of those memories that I’m viewing through a long long fuzzy telescope. Because I am not excited or happy or even feeling anything more than iffy.

TMI ALERT! The following paragraphs contain detailed information about my bodily functions. If you can’t handle it, don’t keep reading.

I was talking to my best friend on the phone at around 3:30 yesterday afternoon. After I got off the phone with her, I suddenly had the urge to GO. You know what I mean. So, I went… and it stung a little. I thought to myself, this better not be one of those. Lo and behold, by 3:45 I had already gone again about 12 times, and it stung worse each time, so I called Jonathan and told him to come home to take care of Hula Girl; I needed to get to the doctor ASAP.

All the doctor told me as he walked into the room (after introducing himself) was, “Your urine looks awful.” Thanks, Doc! I have a wonderful urinary tract infection. He put me on antibiotics and this crazy med that takes away the urge to GO and the stinging, but it also turns your pee NEON ORANGE. Nice.

So, needless to say, life is less than wonderful, as I am hoping and praying this doesn’t turn into a kidney infection. Been there, done that, got the shot in the butt. I do NOT want to do that again.

Poor little Hula Girl must be so bored of me. All I did this morning was sit on the couch, talk to my mom, turn on some music (the Spice Girls channel on Pandora!) so she could dance, and read books with her.

After all that, it was only 9:25, and naptime isn’t until 10:15. So I got her all sunscreened up and took her outside to the backyard. I was going to push her in her swing for a bit, but then I decided to fill a 60-quart storage container with water and let her play with it. Well, she decided she wanted to get in it. Yes, in the freezing cold hose-water. At 9:30 in the morning. So I stripped her down to her bare bottom and hat, and let her at it. She climbed in and had a blast. She brought two rocks from the front yard into the water with her, and discovered that they can go in the bottom of her MegaBlox. That was so cool. She did it over and over and over and over… and then she decided to throw the rocks out into the grass, get out of the bin, find the rocks, throw them back into the water, and splash back in all by herself. That was even more fun!

By 10:00, I had a frozen popsicle baby, who was extremely pleased with herself. I carried her inside, wrapped her in a towel, and gave her some water so she could quench any lingering thirst (I think she might have drank about a third of the water from the storage bin).Then I put her down for her nap while she giggled and poked the bird on my shirt.

I guess me being sick doesn’t mean Hula Girl has to have a boring day after all.

Wish me well, and send some soup. I am hoping to feel better soon.

Monday Blue

I’m talking the color, not the mood.

Today is a great day so far! For me, at least. Hula Girl has had a rough day- I think she’s getting tooth #8 right now. She got tooth #7 last Monday, and when she got her first two teeth, they came about a week apart, so I’m figuring she’ll pop it through pretty soon here. In the meantime, we’re keeping the makers of cold teethers in business.

But back to the greatness! Blue. It’s a lovely color, right? I sure think so. Today has been filled with lots of blue things which have made me very happy.

Blue #1- The pool. Yup, we went swimming again. Hula Girl had on her life vest this time, which was really fun because she could float farther away from me. She got to kickin’ and splashin’ like Shamu. And I didn’t have to get it all in my eyes!

Blue #2- Paint colors. Ahhhhhh, paint colors. Why, you ask? Wellllllll…. I am finally going to start my nightstands and headboard! Remember this post, where I put up pictures of those delightful little nightstands? I also called the headboard ugly. I am happy to announce that I am finally going to get down to business and get those little beauties done up right. My plan is to use white for the main body of the nightstands and the frame of the headboard, and then to use a robin’s egg blue, as seen in this post, for the accents. I will be painting a chevron pattern or stenciling an Ikkat pattern on the tops of the nightstands and in the panels of the headboard, adding robin’s egg blue glass or acrylic knobs and pulls, and putting some robin’s egg blue fabric behind the mesh screens of the nightstand doors. I’m leaning toward Ikat, like this design stenciled by the wonderful Cassie at Primitive and Proper (as featured on the DIY Club blog).

Blue #3- Blue moon. You know how they say that something good only happens “once in a blue moon?” Well, I had my blue moon moment this weekend. I am SO excited. I went in to this secondhand store here in my tiny little town, just to look around. I had never really gone in before, and I am SORRY I didn’t! This place is phenomenal. I am not kidding you. I have never before seen such a treasure trove of amazing antique furniture in beautiful condition, for such excellent prices. In fact, the prices were so good that I ended up buying this adorable dresser for only $75. I am eagerly awaiting its delivery as I type! I will be painting this little baby and I will likely try to sell it online as my first “upcycled” piece. I cannot wait to show you the transformation that will occur. In fact, be aware that in the next few days, I will be posting pictures of the dresser, things that are inspiring, and color schemes, so you can have some input in the final outcome. You, too, can be a winner! 

So, how’s your Monday going?

Funny Things 7/17-7/23

Well, this week’s funny things tended to be more “things that amazed me!”

Sunday- Hula Girl was playing around just after dinner and she had eaten some green beans. During dinner, Jonathan was telling her, “Green beans! You’re eating green beans!” Out of nowhere, Jonathan and I heard this little sweet voice say (incredibly clearly), “Green bean?” It was perfect. We just stared at each other in amazement and then burst out in praise for our little girl’s perfect enunciation!

Monday- We’ve been reading and listening to the story Abiyoyo a lot lately. Hula Girl loves it, because she loves music, and since the story includes a song for a giant, she gets quite excited to hear it. She started picking up the book and bringing it to me, saying, “Yo, wo, wo, wo, wo, wo, wo!” She’s been doing it all week!

Tuesday- Helping out around the house is something I’d like Hula Girl to see as “normal” in her life. She helps me with laundry frequently, by “sorting” her clothes and helping to fold. Well, Tuesday I decided to have her help me carry the clothes to the living room. I handed her a small pile of her own, and she proudly carried it all the way to the living room and piled it onto the couch with the larger pile I carried. Then I asked her to pull out all her wipes (we use cloth wipes to accompany our cloth diapers). She did that, and then I showed her how to pile them on top of each other. Her stack was not neat, but it was a stack of wipes, just like I asked!

Wednesday- Hula Girl played her first game of Hide and Seek. She discovered that she could fit inside the little space next to the coat rack where  we store her stroller. She loved peeking out from behind the wall at me, and giggling while I pretended I couldn’t see her. Endless entertainment! And such big smiles!

Thursday- We were driving to Walmart to pick up some waters for our yard sale this weekend, and we were listening to praise music in the car. I was singing along, and I asked Hula Girl if she could sing along, too. Here’s what I heard: “How great is our AAAAAAAAAAAAA! great is our AAAAAAAAAAAAA!” She totally sang along for like 5 minutes.

Friday- Jonathan was looking at a zoo book with Hula Girl, and when they got to the picture of the koala, she pointed to it, got really excited, and said, “Dada!?” and then pointed to Jonathan. As he was relating the story to me at dinner, I laughed because she can say “koala” perfectly and I thought it was funny that she didn’t say it with him. So I asked her to say koala- and she said, “Dada!?” 🙂

Saturday- Hula Girl learned how to “drive” her cars on the carpet. Completely fun, especially when she makes the “Bmm, bmm!” noises to accompany the cars’ travels. She’ll stretch her body out fully just to push the car as far as it can go and then scoot herself along the ground like an army soldier all the way across the room! Cutie!


A Fish out of Water

Hula Girl went swimming for the first time ever today. I mean, outside of the 6 inches of water in her baby pool. It was sooooo much fun!

I have been having a lot of trouble figuring out where to take her this summer. The weather is unreasonably warm (over 100 every day for over a month now) and we’ve had like, no rain. Not even any clouds. So, it’s been kind of a hit or miss thing when we go do stuff, and since there’s not really anything to do around here except go to the park, we have been hotter this summer than I ever hope to be again. If we go early enough in the morning, it’s only 85 or so, so that’s when we’ve been going.

Another issue we’ve been facing this week is that we’ve run out of our California Baby sunscreen. I can’t find it anywhere here in our tiny little town. So, I bought this Burt’s Bees Sunscreen to try it out while we’re waiting for our Vanicream Sunscreen to arrive. Well, I didn’t read any reviews before we tried it out on our poor little Punkin’. The first time I put it on her, I put her in her pool, and a white cloud came floating off her into the water. I re-read the back of the tube, and discovered that the appropriate way to wash the sunscreen off is to “rinse with cool water.” Um, really? That is definitely not going to work if we ever go swimming outdoors. So, the next time we tried it, we took her to the park at 9:oo in the morning. She played around in the grass and shade, and then on the swing for about 15 minutes. She ended up with a SUNBURN. My baby got a sunburn?!?!?! I am calling the company to see if I can get my money back. I was livid.

All this leads to the pool visit today. I discovered that the hotel down the road from us has an indoor pool and they charge $5 for an adult to use their pool before 5:00 p.m. I scrounged around and found $5 (mostly quarters!) and took Hula Girl down there. *She had a blast!*

As soon as she saw the pool, she started pointing at it and saying, “Wa! Wa! Wa!” Then when we got in the water, I told her to kick, and she kicked her little legs like a frog! She then proceeded to put her face down in the water over and over and had such a great time! I loved helping her bob up and down. I tried putting her up on the edge of the pool. Nope, she did NOT want that. She JUMPED down into the water. Fortunately I had my hand on her the whole time! Then she waved and said hi to all the other people in the water (surprisingly, lots of people were there)! What a cutie!

On a related note, Hula Girl has been receiving so many compliments lately. Everyone says her eyes are beautiful (Daddy’s lashes and Mommy’s color! winning combo!) and that she’s so cute. She smiles all coyly, and giggles when they get down to her level. Then, when we leave, she waves and days, “Bah! Bah!” They melt. Every time.

What the Heck is Blood Meal?

Well, it’s gross. That’s what it is. Blood meal is a fertilizer derived from either cow or pig’s blood (usually taken from slaughterhouses). It’s full of nitrogen, which is a nutrient that is typically lacking in gardens after a while…

And it’s what I have to spread in our garden today. Sick, gross, dees-gusting.

Have you ever driven through a town that has a lot of slaughterhouses? It reeks. There is a city in Colorado, Greeley, which is full of slaughterhouses. My soccer league used to travel to Greeley for games on some weekends. The smell was overpoweringly nasty. Many of my friends went to college there, at UNC, and they all admit that it doesn’t feel like home unless there’s the rancid smell of burning cow blood in the air.

I think I’ll be avoiding the patio for a few days.

Our garden isn’t doing soo bad, but it’s not growing anymore. We have a lot of green bean, squash, kale, tomatoes, corn, carrot, and chive plants, but they seem to have reached their “peak.” Unfortunately, that peak is not tall/big/healthy enough to have sprouted much food. There is one squash blossom, three tomatoes, and maybe four green bean blossoms. Whoopee.

Enter blood meal. If this doesn’t work, I’m going to go back to get some more organic fertilizer. And maybe something else. I never actually tested our soil’s pH levels; I might have to get lime or acidifier. And yes, I made up the word “acidifier.”

Wish me luck and a shower. I’m off to spread dead animal blood around my garden. SO gross. I wish organic didn’t mean gross.

Jobs, Diet, and Exercise

So, enough of Hula Girl! Let’s talk about Jonathan and me!

Jonathan is doing well. He is working hard, learning a lot, and enjoying (for the most part) his job. However, the job he has isn’t going to give him enough money for us to meet our financial goals within a reasonable amount of time, and it’s not exactly his “dream job.” So, he’s applying and interviewing with other companies.

He had an interview last week, which went really well. However, he was not offered the position. That was sad. But one of the interviewers (it was a panel) has a separate company, and called him to find out if he would come work for her company. Very flattering! The only problem is- she offered him much less than what he’s currently making. That, and, it’s not Jonathan’s dream job (again). He went in to work today with the intention of taking a break to call her and thank her for the opportunity, and to turn down the position as well.

Before he got a chance to call her, she called him and told him that she had spoken with another person higher up in the company, and they’re willing to negotiate his salary. Since he hasn’t spoken with her about details, we’re not sure what that means. I encouraged him to be honest with her and tell her exactly what he needs to make the transfer (to a city with higher living expenses) worth it to our family. I also encouraged him to really emphasize the importance of his family in his life- it’s best she understands that now, regardless of the outcome of their conversation today!

Outside of working and applying, Jonathan has been unable to get to the gym as frequently as he’d like to go. I think he’ll get back into it this week (I hope). He really enjoys it, and it’s nice for him to have an outlet. Plus, his blood tests reveal the need for him to be extra-careful about his diet and exercise routines. A lot of that responsibility falls on me since I’m the grocery-shopper and meal-maker in the house. We’ve been eating a lot of salads and veggies lately, and I hope to encourage our family to eat even more!

Speaking of diet and exercise, now that I’m done nursing, I have to really get back to taking care of my body as if it were just that- MY body. I no longer need extra calories, and it is no longer advisable for me to worry about “overdoing” it when it comes to exercise. There was a time, from November through February, when I couldn’t really eat anything (we thought Hula Girl was allergic to something I was eating), and I lost SO much weight then. But I’ve rebounded a bit, and so I’m just a bit smaller than I was pre-pregnancy. However, I really need to focus on my diet and exercise, because I haven’t at all since February. Here’s my new plan:

I will eat normal portions of fruits, veggies, proteins, and carbohydrates. I will drink only water (nothing new here). I will not eat any sugar (I’ve done this for years at a time before- it’s not as hard as it sounds). And the big big change- I will chew every bite at least 20 times before swallowing. WHAT?! I know. I eat really really fast. SLLLLLOOOOOOOOWWWWW DOOOOOWWWWNNNN. That’s what I intend to do.

Exercising is so hard in general. But now I have a whole new set of obstacles: HEAT, no gym membership, and Hula Girl. I can’t seem to find the motivation to do any kind of cardio when it’s 100 degrees at 8:00 a.m. With Jonathan’s work schedule and gym visits, I find myself at home, unable to leave, for large portions of every day. The only chance I have to really get any running in (which is the only acceptable form of cardio in my book) is if I get up at 6:00 a.m. and run before Jonathan leaves for work. Doable, but not desirable. If I had a gym membership, I could go when Jonathan comes home from work at 6:00 or so- but since I don’t have one, I refuse to go running in the heat. So those are my excuses.

Now onto the plan plan- my mom-in-law and sis-in-law and I just bought pedometers, and this week is our “averages” week. We are wearing our pedometers to find our average number of steps per day, so that we can start walking more and more steps. We’re going to set small goals for ourselves and enjoy encouraging each other to meet those goals. Wish us luck!

I have more to say, but a definite need to go drink some water. More this week!

This Week’s Funny Things

Hula Girl has go to be the funniest kiddo on the planet. Maybe it’s because I’m her mom, but she just plain cracks me up, all the time. I started writing down things she did each day to keep track of the funny little things she does. Here’s the past week’s rundown of funny things:

Sunday- Hula Girl discovered her new favorite game- being buried in stuffed animals while laying on the couch. She will lay there, wait to be buried, and then break free, only to sign more while saying (loudly while laughing), “Mo! Mo!” She recently learned how to climb up onto the couch (with some assistance), and now she goes to the couch, signs help, asks me, “Dow?” and then signs please. Sometimes I tell her, “No, not right now. You need to _____ .” She is okay with this. She just goes off and plays with something else. What a sweet girl.

Monday- Walking backward became quite a fad for a few days. Especially when Mommy or Daddy made the “beep! beep!” sound like a trash truck makes when it’s backing up. She gets so excited to hear the sound while walking backward that she ends up going in circles and finally walks forward without realizing it. So funny!

Tuesday- Talking. Hula Girl is a TALKER now. She does not stop talking. Most of it is “toddler babble.” But there are definitely a few words she says now which are completely recognizable. Here are a few of the words she says (incorrectly) which we can identify: couch (“Dow!”), blankie (“Nie-nie”), Buddha (“Ba-bow”) (Buddha is the name of my stuffed monkey from childhood- Hula Girl has adopted him as her favorite for the time being), yeah, dog, the letter A (“Aaaeeeee!”). She also communicates SO much through formal sign language and informal gestures. She LOVES to nod “Yes!” right now. This is a much more positive response than last week’s “NO!” fad!

Wednesday- Hula Girl was eating lunch, and she had a fork in her right hand and a spoon in her left hand. I asked her to point to her spoon, so she held on to her fork and stuck out a finger on her right hand and pointed to the spoon in the left hand. When I asked her to point to the fork, she couldn’t figure out how to do it with her left hand (she wanted to keep the spoon in her hand!), so she put the fork in her mouth and pointed to it with her right hand. Problem solving!

Thursday- My little scientist decided to make some gross yummy food combinations. Breakfast consisted of eggs placed in her smoothie, then slurped from her smoothie cup. And lunch was even tastier- kidney beans mixed into her peach yogurt. She ate, enjoyed, and even used a spoon! Blech.

Friday- SPINNING! Hula Girl is a born ballerina. I taught her how to spin in a circle a few weeks ago, but she “forgot” for a few weeks. I guess she remembered. She was constantly spinning all day, and getting dizzy and falling over. She had great fun. She wore a gigantic grin all over her face the whole time. Her favorite spinning maneuvers were accomplished when she was holding a stuffed animal or toy in each hand. Quite the feat!

Saturday- This one isn’t as funny as amazing. She told Jonathan that her mouth hurt. Seriously. She’s getting teeth. He was changing her diaper, and she whined a bit, then said, “Owwwww!” He asked what was wrong, and she pointed to her mouth and said, “Mou?” He asked her if her mouth hurt, and she stuck out her lip, nodded her head, and whined again. He brought her to the kitchen, got out a cold teething ring, and handed it to her. She brought it over to me, said, “Mou,” and then pointed to her mouth. Then she put it in her mouth and walked away, happy as a clam. Whoa.

I will continue to keep a log of the things she does. I like the idea of posting “Funny/Amazing” Things on Sundays. We are just so blessed to have this little Hula Girl in our lives; these are only a few examples of why we’re blown away on a daily basis. I hope to convey some of the excitement and wonder to you!

And the Milk Transition Continues…

Hello, All, and Welcome to another episode of… Hula Girl’s Growing Up TOO SOON!

I just kept Jonathan from napping for over 45 minutes, asking for his help in designing our next milk transition plan for Hula Girl. See, here’s the issue: she currently has milk out of a sippy cup four times/day, before breakfast, lunch, snack, and bedtime; and we give her the sippy cup while holding her on our laps in the glider in her room. I want to move her to having milk with breakfast, lunch, and dinner, with a sippy of water during snack and right before bed. Don’t get me wrong- she has sippies of milk all day long (she drinks about 20-30 oz of water each day, in addition to all the milk she takes in-crazy summer heat!).

So, here’s our transition schedule (I imagine it will veer slightly from this, because NOTHING in Hula Girl’s live has ever turned out the way I had planned, starting with my labor and delivery!) We have a 4-week plan in mind, starting tonight.

  1. Replace bedtime sippy of milk with water.
  2. Move breakfast sippy to high chair.
  3. Move lunch sippy to high chair (this will require a change in her independent play time- it will move after breakfast instead of after lunch in anticipation of the 2-1 nap transition MUCH later on).
  4. Replace snack sippy with water and healthy snack; give sippy at dinner in high chair.

This week’s goal of replacing her bedtime milk with water comes with a few adjustments throughout her day. She usually receives 6 oz of milk in each sippy, so when we drop down to only 3 sippies of milk each day, we’ll want to spread those extra 6 oz evenly to her other sippies. However, I am not confident that her tummy can handle that amount of milk yet, so we’re going to ease into it:

  1. Tonight we will give her sippy of milk at 7:00 instead of 7:45 (right before bed). We are planning to use this quiet, sit-down time as family devotional time, which we’re excited to continue doing every night as long as we can! Then, we’ll offer 4 oz of water at bedtime to drink during bedtime stories.
  2. On Monday we will increase the amount of milk in her snack sippy to 8 oz, while decreasing her 7:00 sippy to 4 oz.
  3. On Wednesday, we’ll increase her lunch sippy to 8 oz, and decrease her 7:00 sippy to 2 oz.
  4. On Friday, we’ll increase her breakfast sippy to 8 oz, and offer 4 oz of water at 7:00 during devotional time.

Yes, I have thought this through. Just a little! 😉




13 Months!

Here’s an update on Hula Girl at 13 months.


  • This kid’s amazing.
  • This kid’s amazing.
  • This kid’s amazing.
  • We are so blessed.


  • Hula Girl is extremely active still. This major liking for constant movement has led to some fast development in the gross motor skills department. She has very good balance. She can walk backward. She can climb on anything shorter than 15″ off the ground. She can slide (on her tummy) off anything shorter than 24″ off the ground. She is still working on jumping, but she’s getting better. Her feet will leave the ground soon! All her activity causes her to be a major sweaty-head most of the day. I couldn’t be happier about having to wash her hair every evening.
  • Hula Girl’s comprehension skills are amazing. It seems like she instantaneously absorbs the name for almost every object. She’ll point to it once, I’ll name it for her, and then when I ask her to go get the _____, she knows exactly what I’m talking about. She even knows how to find things in a room using landmarks which are larger. For instance, my mother-in-law got to witness (via Skype) Hula Girl’s ability last night when I asked her to get her “lettuce” and put it in her shopping bag. I told her that her lettuce was next to her sheep. She looked all around the room for the sheep, found it, and then found the lettuce, brought it to her shopping bag, and put it in. Yes, she follows multiple-step directions. At 13 months of age. She also knows when she’s getting in trouble. She runs away. Right now we’re working on this by following, taking her firmly by the hand, and leading her back to the place we were before the infraction occurred.
  • Hula Girl’s verbal language skills are improving. She looooooves to tell herself “No!” and to remind us that she knows what objects in our house are “no” objects. She’ll point to the dishwasher (she likes to turn the dial) and say, “No, no, no, no, no, no, no, no, no….” until we look and acknowledge that the dishwasher is, in fact, “a ‘no.'” I guess she likes validation. She also likes to try saying words. She’s added a few frequent and clear words to her vocabulary, such as bubble, llama, up, help, couch (“dow!”), owl, blanket (“nah-nah”), and Papa. She is also consistently signing please, thank you, and help, in addition to her earlier signs.
  • Hula Girl is growing like a weed. She is officially tall enough to be seen over the dining room table. Her hair is also getting longer- it’s about an inch and a half long! 🙂
  • Hula Girl’s sleep routine is just that- very predictable routine. She sleeps 8-8 every night (sometimes she goes to bed as early as 7:30 if she’s extra sleepy; sometimes she wakes up around 7:45 but she’s happy to lay/play quietly in her crib until 8). She takes her first nap from 10:15-12:00. Her second nap goes from 2:30-4/5. Yep, all this week I’ve been having to wake her at 8, 12, and 5. She sleeps THAT MUCH still. I am not complaining in the slightest!!! However, today was a weird day- she finally decided to see what would happen if she dropped her “Blankie” out of her crib at the beginning of nap time. We didn’t realize it at first, and she was crying and crying, so I thought maybe her teeth coming in were hurting her. I went to give her some Tylenol, and lo and behold, Blankie was on the ground. Sigh. She tried it again at her second nap, but I ignored it- if she wants her Blankie, she shouldn’t drop it. I think it will be a very short phase. She seems to learn rather quickly. And her love for her Blankie is well-known by all who’ve seen her at sleep times or diaper changes.
  • We are officially done nursing, and have been for about 2 weeks now. Things went really well, according to my plan, up until 4 days before we were going to drop her final nursing at bedtime. That night, she pushed me away, asked for milk (both signing and saying it), and repeated, “No, no, no, no, no!!!” until I got the message. I grieved for… about…. 10 minutes. And then I realized…. I AM FREEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEE!!! 😀

I will be writing more anecdotal stuff later this week. Have a good one!

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