Surprise! 4.5-day Weekend!

Jonathan came home early on Friday and surprised us. He them proceeded to get a surprise migraine Sunday night/Monday morning, and ended up staying home yesterday as well! So we had a lovely 4.5-day weekend.

It was pretty awesome. I primed and painted our kitchen table. I still have to do another coat of paint and then distress it a bit. I also have to paint the chairs and cover the chair pads with a new fabric. I am considering the one I already posted, but I’m not sure if that’s the vibe I want to go for. I have another idea in mind already. I have to set up the entire thing, china and all, before I can decide.

I also spent some time with our neighbors this weekend, which was fun. We met up at the flea market down the street, where they helped me haul a set of nightstands and a huge (AWFUL) headboard home. I am super-excited about the nightstands- they’re exactly the kind of thing I want for our future home, all for the low low cost of $40 for the pair (headboard inclued- gag me).

Then Neighborfriend and I went to another town very close to here with lots of great antique shops. I found some window accessories, fabric for a pillow I’m making, and some antique eyelet trim to use on something else in the future. Oh, and some great old suitcases in which to keep my crafty stuff, as if two old suitcases were going to be enough- HA!

Our garden is going… fine. I guess. I mean, there are great parts and not-so-great parts of our garden. Great: peas and kale. Seriously, our pea plants are already producing pods that are at least 2-3″ long. Not-so-great: pretty much everything else. Okay, okay, the green beans are coming up. And I have 2 corn stalks. But aside from that, NOTHING is coming up. Nothing. In fact, some of the things I put in the ground as starter plants (ahem, cucumber) are DEAD. And this is not for lack of trying. We did what we had to do to improve the soil (chicken poop, aeration, compost). We water twice, if not three, times a day. We have the entire garden fenced. We have flowers in pots scattered throughout the garden to attract the insects to the flowers. I put down ant poison. I spend 8, if not more, hours weeding each week. And yet, it is somehow not enough. Is it possible for the weather to be too hot for a garden? I thought vegetables LOVED the sun…

Well, I have a lot to do this week, since I’m planning Hula Girl’s birthday party on Saturday. It’s not going to be wild. It’s a few friends and neighbors and family members coming by to enjoy a cupcake and possibly a goody or two. Hula Girl will be wearing a dress from Hawaii, sent by my best friend after her whirlwind honeymoon (mom, dad, aunt, uncle, cousin, and sister included). We’ll have “Aloha Rolls,” which I invented for another friend’s bachelorette party (but unfortunately no one got to eat them because I missed the shindig). They’re delicious. I think I’ll add mini chocolate chips to a few of them this time. Yummy goodness. We’re also planning to skewer some pineapple and veggies and roast them on the barbeque. That plus pink with pearls cupcakes and drinks, and we’re set!

Thoughts on my Hula Girl’s birthday tomorrow.


  1. Kirbi said,

    June 7, 2011 at 7:07 pm

    I wish we could be neighborfriends and go antiqueing.

  2. Red River said,

    June 8, 2011 at 9:27 am

    Oh man, I wish I could be there for the b-day party…Sounds like a lot of fun…

    • June 8, 2011 at 7:57 pm

      I know! And you always make parties so much more fun! You’re a fun person in general. I miss you!!!

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