Goin’ to the Chapel

Well, wedding weekend is over. And boy oh boy, was it fun. My dear friend married the love of her life, to the accompaniment of sniffles and laughter. Wonderful.

The flower girl was probably the most adorable little one around, aside from Hula Girl, of course. Being only four and a half has its issues. First of all, when your pomander is way heavy, you can’t really hold it for the entire ceremony. Her solution? Hand it to me. But then she had nothing to hold. So she took my flowers. Nice trade. Well played, little cutie!

The bride was, of course, the most beautiful person who has ever walked that aisle. For real, she has always been a knockout, but there is just something so stunning about a bride in ivory, hair all curled, and rainbow light streaming in from the stained glass. She was seriously a vision to behold. I so wish that light had been in the actual chapel, so her now-husband could have seen her all glowing. I am so glad the photographer was there to catch that moment.

The wedding went off with only a slight hitch- no one had lifted the wick of the unity candle, so the bride and groom spent about 3 minutes trying desperately to light it, and nearly losing their own candles’ flames in the meantime, before the groom braved the hot melted wax to lift the string. It provided a very welcome moment of comedic relief as the bride had previously reduced the entire bridal party to sniffles as she choked out her vows. It was beautiful.

The reception was a very fun event! Loud music aside, good friends, good food, and good humor all around made the whole evening quite enjoyable. Jonathan even launched himself into his old-trademark backflip. Fortune was with him, since he hasn’t attempted one in over a year, and he was able to find the ground in time to save himself from a bloody head and a ride in an ambulance. Barely.

<sigh of exasperation relief  from much more mature wife>

Hula Girl attended the ceremony itself and part of the reception with my mom. Then, she went home with her Grammy, who put her to bed. It was a very successful bedtime, too, which shows that months and months of following the exact same routines really does pay off!

Garden updates to come. Much to do today!




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