Goin’ to the Chapel

Well, wedding weekend is over. And boy oh boy, was it fun. My dear friend married the love of her life, to the accompaniment of sniffles and laughter. Wonderful.

The flower girl was probably the most adorable little one around, aside from Hula Girl, of course. Being only four and a half has its issues. First of all, when your pomander is way heavy, you can’t really hold it for the entire ceremony. Her solution? Hand it to me. But then she had nothing to hold. So she took my flowers. Nice trade. Well played, little cutie!

The bride was, of course, the most beautiful person who has ever walked that aisle. For real, she has always been a knockout, but there is just something so stunning about a bride in ivory, hair all curled, and rainbow light streaming in from the stained glass. She was seriously a vision to behold. I so wish that light had been in the actual chapel, so her now-husband could have seen her all glowing. I am so glad the photographer was there to catch that moment.

The wedding went off with only a slight hitch- no one had lifted the wick of the unity candle, so the bride and groom spent about 3 minutes trying desperately to light it, and nearly losing their own candles’ flames in the meantime, before the groom braved the hot melted wax to lift the string. It provided a very welcome moment of comedic relief as the bride had previously reduced the entire bridal party to sniffles as she choked out her vows. It was beautiful.

The reception was a very fun event! Loud music aside, good friends, good food, and good humor all around made the whole evening quite enjoyable. Jonathan even launched himself into his old-trademark backflip. Fortune was with him, since he hasn’t attempted one in over a year, and he was able to find the ground in time to save himself from a bloody head and a ride in an ambulance. Barely.

<sigh of exasperation relief  from much more mature wife>

Hula Girl attended the ceremony itself and part of the reception with my mom. Then, she went home with her Grammy, who put her to bed. It was a very successful bedtime, too, which shows that months and months of following the exact same routines really does pay off!

Garden updates to come. Much to do today!




I’m an Addict.

So I thought I’d start out with a major flashback and make you laugh:

Ok, but seriously. This serves a purpose in today’s post. I think I’m a sugar addict. My evidence?

Here’s the Wikipedia definition:

a perceived difficulty controlling intake of sweet foods or beverages.

Here’s what I ate yesterday:

Breakfast- bowl of Cascadian Farm Kids Cinnamon Crunch

Snack- another bowl of the same stuff

Lunch- PB & J, cantaloupe

Snack- yet another bowl of sugary goodness

Dinner- Chicken, noodle, and veggie casserole

Dessert- Chocolate and Butterfinger ice cream

Here’s what I ate today:

Breakfast- bowl of goodness, cantaloupe

Lunch- PB & J, raspberries

Snack- Hansen’s Cherry Vanilla Creme Natural Cane Soda, cheese

And I’m considering an extra bowl of ice cream today, just because it sounds so good.

Even with this evidence, you cannot even begin to fathom the amount of sugar I have ingested in the last year. Chocolate, taffy, cereals, you name it. I don’t think I’ve gone a day without copious amounts of sugar in a year, at least.  I am addicted.

I went through years in college when I didn’t eat sugar at all except on holidays. It was so easy! Why is it that now that I’m home all the time and I’m a mom, it’s so much easier to just indulge. It’s not like someone else buys the groceries in my household! Nope, that’s all me!

Anyone else have the same problem?

I’m not ready

Yesterday I mentioned that I have a few more thoughts on this topic. However, I’m not fully prepared to share those thoughts at the moment, so I’ll postpone that post for a few days.

Not a lot is happening in life right now. I started planting all the seeds in our garden yesterday and planned to finish this morning but God had other plans and it has been raining pretty much nonstop today. I refuse to go plant seeds in the rain.

My friend’s wedding is on Sunday, and we’re going to have a busy weekend! It should be a blast! I’ll be the Matron of Honor (yes, MATRON, as if I’m soooo old), and I finished writing my speech yesterday. I think it will impress the crowd. Because, you know, it will be all about me that day.

I am working on ideas for my hair for that day. I’m not really concerned about my makeup. Pretty much if I even put on makeup (don’t worry friend, I will wear makeup to your wedding!) it will be an improvement on the norm. I might research some ideas just in case. I don’t really follow makeup trends, ya know?

The rain has made it quite a dreary, tiring day. I think I’m going to attempt a nap this afternoon, depending on how long Hula Girl’s nap goes. I still have to make dinner first, so we’ll see.

More thoughts later. And if you know of a good makeup or hair site, let me know. I’m also adding links to my friends’ blogs on my blogroll, so if you have one that I don’t know about, please let me know!

Trade In Hope

I just posted this on my facebook page last week, so sorry if it’s not new to you. However, please take some time, whether it is new or not, to click this link and view the preview of the film they’re trying to raise money for. Jonathan and I can’t afford to pledge any money to the film, but this is a cause near to our hearts. Jonathan even works with some children who have come out of this type of life.

Trade In Hope: Fighting Child Sex Slavery In America
I will have more comments on this topic tomorrow.

Inspiration at Last

I found the fabric I’ll be using for our chair pads in the kitchen! I am so so so excited!!! Check it out:

I cannot wait to begin this project.

I’ve decided to do the table and chair paint color a teensy tiny so you can barely tell off-white. This decision was made because I took a look at Meme’s china today, for a refresher, and it’s very white, with a gold edge. I think it will look better on a creamier table.

The chairs will be the same creamy white with the fabric above. The pattern is actually quite large, with about 3″ of white space between the vines. It’s actually a king-sized sheet and came with a king-sized pillowcase, so I will have enough to do all of the chairs plus some buntings. The bunting will go in my antique window. Here’s what the window currently looks like:

So, instead of the ribbon with the handkerchiefs, I’ll have bunting in there. I am also going to add some fabric roses and pearls to the shutters. The wall color I can’t change, unfortunately. Gotta love renting. But When we own our own home… 🙂

We’re going to be at my parents’ house this weekend, so no blog updates. See ya Monday!

What to Wear?

Okay, for those of you who know me in person, and know that my personal wardrobe consists of things which are “comfortable and slightly in style” and “ultra-comfortable and has never been in style because it looks so horrendous,” this post will not come as a surprise. For those of you who were operating under the theory that I am a fashionista, I sincerely apologize right now for bursting your bubble.

The fact of the matter is, my friend’s bachelorette party is this weekend, Saturday night, to be exact, and I don’t have a clue what to wear. I emailed another bridesmaid, and she gave me some ideas, but when I go shopping tomorrow afternoon, I will be flying almost completely blind. This terrifies me, but since I do love shopping, I think it will be okay.

We’re going dancing. Um, as a side note, I have no rhythm. Period. Back on topic- we’re going dancing Saturday night, and I’ve never been dancing. Yes, I made it through four and a half years of college in San Diego and never once went dancing. Not even salsa dancing, which was all the rage in my days.

Another blip on the radar (quite literally) is that there will be some not-so-wonderful weather heading our way this weekend. So an LBD is somewhat out of the question, unless sweatpants are an acceptable alternative to bare-legging it these days.

Sigh. What to wear? I suppose I’ll be spending some of Hula Girl’s nap time googling. Any suggestions?

My perfect outfit:

Rainy Day. Again.

Rainy days always make me feel so gloomy. I think there is something in my DNA, which has hardwired me to feel sad on days when the sun doesn’t shine. My mom has the same issue. We are definitely sun-lovers in this family! But here’s something helps me smile:

So pretty! Close-up of my Mom's Day apron!

However, I have gotten a lot accomplished today and yesterday, so that’s good. I cleaned the kitchen, bathroom, bedroom, and laundry room. I have the third load of laundry going in the dryer, and lunch was a tremendous success. Even after much trepidation on my part, Hula Girl devoured her meal of pasta stars and cheese (like mac and cheese, but more astronomical) and sweet potato fries. All homemade. All delicious. I’ve decided I should stop offering her fruit at every meal, since she sometimes holds out on me and won’t eat anything else but her fruit. I think she’s getting to the age where I’m going to require her to finish everything she’s offered before asking for something different (as long as I know I’ve offered foods she doesn’t mind eating). We’ll see how things go. At least she tries everything I place in front of her. That’s really all I can ask right about now.

Naps are going just the same. She is still taking forever to fall asleep before each nap. I have tried lengthening the awake time between her naps. I have tried really tiring her out. I have tried putting her down at the “normal” time. I have tried getting her up late, on time, and early from her first nap. Guess it’s just a phase. At least she still sleeps the full nap length once she finally sleeps. (I know I keep bringing this up day after day, but it really bugs me that she acts all tired but then gets in there just to chat with herself for up to an hour!)

Can I just say I love being a mom? Really, truly, honestly, wholeheartedly, absolutely love being a mom. Seriously, it’s the best job I’ve ever had. And even if it weren’t a full-time job, I’d volunteer full-time just because it is simply that awesome.

*Side note: Hula Girl just fell over in her crib, whacked her head on something, and is whimpering like a puppy. If only she’d just go to sleep!!!

Lately I have been really into reading blogs about mommyhood, crafting, and DIY shabby chic/cottage stuff. I cannot cannot cannot wait to have a house of our own so that I can decorate it. I have a feeling that that lovely robin’s egg shell color will show up as a unifying color throughout my future home. And I can’t wait to host many of you in our home for dinners, games, tea and coffee, holidays, and visits.

I’m going to start getting ready for when we have a house to decorate by redoing our kitchen/dining room set. It’s a set we purchased from some friends of my parents’ when they were moving to England. It’s lovely, but it’s not really our style and color. My plans are to paint it antique white, distress it a bit, and put pink and white fabric on the chair pads. I’ll be lining the drawers with pages from an old novel or with old wallpaper.

The end product will be something we can use in our future kitchen/dining area. I plan to have my kitchen pink and white to match my grandmother’s china, which we’ll use every day. It’s lovely. I suppose the kitchen might be a place you won’t find robin’s egg blue.

I can’t wait to share the photos of the table redo! I’ll be tackling the project in the middle of June. If all goes well, wait ’til you see our bedroom set redo! 🙂

And… She’s Off!

Off the ground, I mean. Hula Girl has been walking for about a month now, but she’s never really been able to just “get up and go.” She’s always had to use the couch or a chair or a parent’s leg or something to help pull herself up to standing. I thought that was so strange. I’ve never really seen a baby who could walk but not push herself up from the ground to standing.

Well, all that changed this weekend. Last Friday morning, I decided it was high time she learned how to stand up from the middle of the room. So I moved her little legs into position and adjusted her hips and knees until she was standing… and screaming. She did not like it when I helped. I wrote it off as a lost cause.

Lo and behold, what did she do Friday afternoon? She stood up in the middle of the room, of course. Just to prove that she doesn’t really need me after all. But she did not do it the way a baby is supposed to. My daughter, the little adult she is, got up by kneeling (think proposal-style on one knee) and then pushing up with one leg. Yes, the same way you get up off the ground. None of this “push up with both hands” stuff for my kiddo.

In the interest of full disclosure, I will say that she did start pushing herself up with both hands on Sunday- and since then, she’s been doing a mixture of methods. Whichever is most convenient. Haha!

I’m pretty sure her naps are wacky still. Even with longer waketimes, she’s still taking a long time to fall asleep. However, she’s still sleeping her full nap length. This, in turn, equates to longer nap times during which I can get work done!

I am currently working on quite a few things- cooking, cleaning, and all things housework; gardening and yard work; and learning how to blog. Yep, I’m trying to learn how to do a professional blog and I’m brainstorming topics to go along with it. See, the blog is going to go hand-in-hand with my mom’s and my website, once it’s up. In fact, I think it will generate quite a bit of business, if I do it right. In fact in fact, I think it will generate a bit of its own revenue if I do it right. So, that is what takes up my time. I do not do any work (with the exception of some light housework) while Hula Girl is awake- I want to dedicate all the time I can to playing with her and enjoying our time together. She does help me do some chores, so she’s getting used to work even as a baby. She’s excellent at sorting her clean laundry. Don’t ask me how she does it- it’s her own system, finely tuned and expertly honed, with over 11 months’ worth of practice. All I know is that it sure makes doing the laundry extra fun!

Speaking of laundry, check out Hula Girl’s knees after our visit to the park yesterday:

And speaking of our visit to the park yesterday, look what we saw on the way there:

Super sad, but I think I really LOVE the color. Wouldn’t the shell color make a great living room wall color?

Garden Update

Last week, I graced you with some images of our garden and yard, before we were able to really start doing any real “gardening.” Here is the one-week-later update. We put a lot of work into the yard and garden this weekend, and I’m proud that we actually have something to show for it! Here’s how it looks right now (and I literally just took these pictures, so you’re getting the freshest look possible!):

Garden space, as viewed from the walkway (Jonathan added the pathways yesterday in the rain):

Garden space, as viewed from the patio (the poles were in the backyard garden area, but they served no purpose there; we will be painting them green and using them to make a fence to keep varmints and deer out of our garden!):

Rock area, no longer filled with weeds (this project took me about 2.5 hours- there were so many small, difficult to pull, weeds out there– I will no doubt be performing daily weed maintenance all summer long- blech!):

Backyard, still with plenty of bare patches:

Largest bare patch in the backyard (is it just me, or does it seem to have grown larger?):

Hope that our backyard might actually fill in by the end of summer:

Patch of dirt beside the walkway (notice that the walkway is also now weed and grass free):

I bought a mini rose on Valentine’s Day and followed the directions and planted it outside. It promptly died. Yesterday, Jonathan informed me that it was coming back!:

And last but not least, a couple cute little fern-like things that I liked so I left:

So, that’s that! I hope you enjoyed the fruits of our weekend! Tomorrow, an update on Hula Girl- there is so much to tell!

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