I’m Late, but these Flowers are Early!

Ok, go ahead. Just call me a liar. Extenuating circumstances. I have not yet signed on to my computer today, with one exception. But that exception shall remain secret- I have my reasons. Therefore I was late in posting today. I apologize again.

I am going to just go ahead and post a few early spring photos. These are not technically a part of our “garden” as we did not plant them, but they are on the property around our house, so I claim them as mine.

First Lilac Blossoms

Now, the lilac bush is something Jonathan and I tended in the fall. We noticed it was overrun with dead seed pods and that it had a lot of watersprouts and really thick old dead branches. We took a risk and trimmed it up, with fabulous results this spring! We have about a million buds just waiting to open. Unfortunately, they’ll probably burst out just as we leave for California. (These four little flowers already have that famous and wonderful lilac scent. Ahhhh.)

Beautiful flower that grows on this vine-like plant. What is it?

As the caption intimates, we have no idea what this flower is. But it sure is pretty. It is about the size of a silver dollar, maybe a smidge bigger. I had torn out a lot of this plant earlier this spring in order to get spiders and awful creepy crawlies away from the house outside of¬† Hula Girl’s room. Apparently I did not damage the plant at all- it is fully grown back in where I raked it out. Hardy, beautiful, and lush. I like this plant. Anyone know what it is?

Look for another post tomorrow. Perhaps more informative!

What is your favorite spring flower?

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