It’s a Beautiful Life

Boy, oh boy, was I wrong. Yesterday should not have been called gorgeous or beautiful. No, no. Yesterday was merely mediocre. Today is gorgeous. Jonathan and I spent Hula Girl’s first nap outside, planning out where exactly we’re going to plant each plant in our garden. We also watered the back lawn (which we’re bringing back to life through intense labor and re-seeding- you’re welcome, Land Lady), weeded, and marked out the pathways through the garden. During her next nap, we’ll be back outside, weeding (we’ll be doing a lot of this all summer long), starting some seeds in the garage, and doing a general clean-up around our property.

We live at the intersection between two streets- both streets end at our corner. Our house is situated up against the foothills of the mountains, in an area affectionately known by the locals as the “Hogbacks.” This area hosts a variety of activities; namely, elementary and middle school boys go up there and shoot each other with paintball guns. Because of the geography of our location, we tend to get a lot of wind. This wind brings with it the filth and refuse from all our neighbors within a 2-mile radius. This morning’s sampling included an empty Pop Tarts box, a broken yellow balloon, a bit of Styrofoam,  about three boxes’ worth of cardboard, and some electrical tape. Typical haul.

Yesterday, Jonathan came home early and watched Hula Girl so I could get out and do something. I went to the coffee shop and had an iced caramel latte. Then I went to WalMart and bought wooden letters, craft paint, ribbon, and silk flowers to make Hula Girl’s name on her wall. I finished this morning- it turned out far better than I expected! Here are some of the letters:

These are my 2 favorites!

I love crafting. I love making things. I get creative little spurts. Jonathan and I have decided that I am very good at making things, but they have to be things I can make in under three hours. If something is going to take longer than three hours, I will run out of steam and will not likely ever finish that project. The exception- if something is a gift, I will spend more time on it, but I will need to space it out over the course of months. This is why my adorable sister-in-law has yet to receive her Christmas gift. I’m making it, and it’s taking longer than three hours. Sure hope she likes it after all!

Did you do anything fun for April Fool’s Day yesterday?


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