I Smell, Like, Soap!

Today started pretty early- Hula Girl woke at 5:00, made some noise, and went back to sleep. Then we heard her at 6:15. Since she’s been on this antibiotic, she’s had really large, very frequent, very smelly (Jonathan tells me), very loose stools. TMI. I was really concerned that she might have had an early-morning bowel movement, and since she’s never really had diaper rash in her entire life, I didn’t want today to be the day. So I had Jonathan go check her diaper- nothing. But instead of putting her back down and coming back to bed until our normal wake-up time of 7:00, he just sat in her rocker and held her while she slept. So precious!

She has been in a great mood all day long. Smiling, giggling, squealing, bouncing up and down, and waving her little arms around have kept us all quite happy. Let’s hope her attitude stays great for this afternoon. We’re receiving some visitors from where we used to live!

Yay, Spring Break! Our visitors are not coming to our house (too germy) but we’re going to meet them somewhere. It’s a great family, whose eldest was in my class two years in a row (I taught her in 4th grade and 5th grade) and whose youngest is probably the kindest, most compassionate child to walk this earth. I “nannied” for this family a couple of summers ago, and it was a blast! The girls are so easy-going and pleasant. They are very well-mannered. Even though I’m sure they fight sometimes, I never even witnessed one squabble.

As I was showering in preparation for this  visit, I was steaming up the bathroom as much as possible (did you know sinus congestion can give the sharpest headaches known to man?), and I had a revelation: I could smell my soap. After a week of not smelling anything, it was the best smell ever. However, it was fleeting. But I am holding out hope that it is the forerunner of many wonderful sensations to come in the next few days.  I WILL kick this sickness.

Jonathan dug up the roots of an old tree in our garden this morning. It was very manly of him. I am so glad we get to share this project together. Gardening is turning out to be a lot of fun (even though I haven’t really participated beyond research and shopping for seeds yet). I’m looking forward to having something exciting to do while Hula Girl is sleeping this summer. She naps twice a day and goes to bed by 7, so we’ll have a LOT of time.

Here’s hoping I can smell something (or taste something) by tonight! What is your favorite smell?

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