Happy Birthday, Momma C!

I remember being pregnant and feeling awesome all the time. I seriously didn’t have that much to complain about. I never got morning sickness. I never got (too many) cravings. I never got any swollen ankles. The only issues were SUPER-sleepiness during the first and third trimesters and a major pain in my hip and lower back during the third trimester.

I think I could be pregnant all the time. I could not, however, be a sick mommy all the time. This morning, poor little Hula Girl woke up from her nap early and was crying. Now, she normally sleeps just fine through all her naps, but with this sickness, she’s been waking early. To help her get back to sleep, I’ve been going in and holding her. It’s worked perfectly for both of us for the last few days. However, today, I was unable to do this because I feel like death warmed over and I’m coughing nonstop. I figured the coughing nonstop part would pretty much make me useless as a sleep-inducing comfort object for Hula Girl. Any time she’d fall asleep, I’d end up coughing and waking her. Therefore, I had to leave her there to moan and cough all by herself until nap time was over.

Of course she still smiled at me and laughed like crazy when I tickled her tummy. But that made me feel even more guilty!

On to brighter topics.

I am so excited because I’m anxiously anticipating the arrival of Hula Girl’s new car seat. Oh, it’s so pretty. Here’s a picture of it:

This image is from http://www.skjp.com/en-US/product/97556/195XX/_/RadianXTSL%26%23174%3B

Pretty pretty car seat!

We were going to go with a different one, but we decided on this one per a suggestion from my good friend Rachel. She brought to my attention the fact that it has the same safety ratings, a metal frame (the other one is plastic), AND this one is skinnier- meaning you can still fit another adult in the backseat! It’s not like we do a lot of driving others around. But it will still come in handy.

I also like this one because it has such high weight and height limits. Hula Girl can ride in this seat rear-facing until she’s 45 pounds. This is AWESOME to me- I want her rear-facing as long as possible. She can also use the seat forward-facing until she’s 80 pounds. A 5-point harness for an 80-pounder? I am so excited about this. This will be her seat for a long long time. It even has a carry strap so when we go to California in April, we won’t have to lug around her infant seat and base! And now it is clear why I am so excited for it to be delivered!

Speaking of California, it is my Momma-in-Law’s birthday today! Happy Birthday, Momma C.! I hope you enjoy your day and live it with all your wonderful 35 years of experience. 🙂 You were 7 when you had Jonathan, right?

Also speaking of California, my sister-in-law has foolishly accepted another holiday challenge. We are having an egg-dying contest this year. She’s going down. My sis-in-law is probably the greatest sis-in-law one could have. She humors me by playing Monopoly and many many card games whenever we’re together. Let’s just hope the Easter Bunny doesn’t lose an eye this year. May the best eggs win.


  1. Joanna said,

    March 23, 2011 at 6:13 pm

    Show her the website. Maybe she’ll share her tidbits with you.

  2. March 23, 2011 at 7:16 pm

    I don’t think I will. Unless Momma C. or Jonathan insist.

  3. Carol said,

    March 23, 2011 at 9:40 pm

    Looking forward to the contest – and thanks for the birthday wishes as well!

  4. March 24, 2011 at 6:53 pm

    Momma C- You’re very welcome! Won’t the egg contest just be terrific?! I think she’s shaking in her boots, though.

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